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Well I know it is okay to freeze it in the summer and eat on it until you have fresh squash next summer. Both me and my grandma use that method with fresh squash from our gardens.

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Q: How long can you keep frozen cooked squash?
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How long can cooked pork joint be frozen for?

Cooked pork joint can be frozen for as long as it remains in temperatures that keep it in such a state. However, the recommended amount of time to keep from freezer burn is two or three months in a freezer.

How long is cooked squash good when stored in the refrigerator?

I would suggest using cooked squash within a few days.

Can ducks eat squash?

Ducks can eat squash as long as there is no additives. They will eat the squash boiled, frozen, or regular.

How long does cooked ham leg stay good in the freezer?

It is not good practice to keep cooked meats frozen for long, but I'd say you should be fine up to a week or 2.

Can you refreeze cooked rice?

Yes, a person can refreeze cooked rice. Cooked rice can be frozen for up to one month as long as it is frozen in an air tight container.

How long does squash keep?

in internal life

How long can cooked boned turkey be frozen for?

Up to 2 years.

Can pizza dough be frozen?

yes, one can freeze cooked pizza in a ziploc bag.

Once vegetables are thawed how long can you wait to cook them?

Normally, frozen vegetables are not thawed first but are cooked from frozen.

How long can you keep uncooked meatloaf that has eggs cheese?

It would possibly be good for 1 to 2 days, but should be cooked as soon as possible, or frozen.

How long can you freeze cooked sausage links?

Meats freeze and keep well in the freezer. You can store them over a year if kept frozen. Freezing is the best way to preserve foods.

How long can cook collard greens stay frozen?

You can keep cooked collard greens for at least 3 weeks if they are frozen. Stored in the refrigerator they are good for about 5 days.