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How long did it take to make the first airplane?

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Around 3 months

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People have been trying to fly as long as we can remember. Even back in Greek mythology there are words about the dream of being able to fly. The actual first - motorized - airplane was built by the Wright Brothers. They started their experiments in 1899 and made their first motorized flight in 1903.

The development of the airplane was gradual. Many sources credit the Wright Brothers (Wilbur and Orville) with this invention, and they worked on it in stages. Their first efforts were around 1899, and by 1903, their airplane made its first successful flight. So, the first stage took four years, but to perfect it and make it safe and get it to where it could carry passengers took until about 1909-1910.

the first airplane was in 1901

Take them on an airplane.

depends on where you are coming from.

It depends if you are on an airplane, boat, or a car.

The Kitty Hawk, flown by the Wright brothers, was the first aircraft or airplane to ever take flight.The Wright brothers first successful powered aircraft was named the " Wright Flyer 1" , not the Kittyhawk. It also was NOT the first aircraft or airplane to ever take flight ! -Many others flew before, just not so long and successfully under control.

that depends on which airplane you're talking about.

What kind of Airplane? If a jet, most likely take anywhere from 7-9 hours.

Depends on the size and type of the airplane. I wonder that it takes about four minutes for a Boeing 747-8.

It varies, depending on how many people are on the airplane, but on average, from 30 minutes to an hour.

It would take an infinite amount of time because the airplane could not get to the moon, at all. An airplane can only get to a small distance above the earth's surface.

About 9hours and 30 minutes from NY.

It depends on where you start and how fast the plane is.

It should take about the same as a airplane

Yes as long as you don't get caught with it and get arrested.

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