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How long did the Compromise of 1850 last in the Civil War?

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The 'compromise' lasted until the start of the Civil War. The Civil War, in essence, relates to a failure to compromise.

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The Misouri Compromise of 1820 delayed the Civil War for a generation. It was undone by the Compromise of 1850, and barely ten years after the end of the Missouri Compromise disunion and war came.

The Missouri Compromise of 1820 lasted 30 years. The US remained divided on where slavery could exist and thus the Missouri Compromise of 1850 was enacted.

The Fugitive Slave act was part of the Compromise of 1850. The compromise of 1850 said any new states would be free states as long as they passed the fugitive slave act. This act made Northerners turn in runaway slaves.

Yes, that was one of the terms of this rather cobbled-together deal that did not last long.

The compromise of 1850 revisits the long time argument concerning which states should be free and which states should be able to have slaves. Prior to that (and the Kansas Nebraska Act) the Missouri Compromise of 1820 had established a sort of line to divide all the slave states from the free. The Kansas Nebraska act had undone all the effort put into the Missouri Compromise and it allowed for attention so shift back to the issue of slavery. The Missouri Compromise had basically delayed that issue and the Kansas Nebraska Act and The Compromise of 1850 touched up on an increasingly sensitive topic which fuels the first sparks which lead to the Civil War.

The Missouri Compromise was nullified by the new Compromise of 1850 - caused by the admission of California, which extended a long way on either side of the Missouri line, and rendered it obsolete.

The Compromise of 1850 did not lead to the Civil War. It actually postponed it of happening. It consisted of five part. They were: California would admit into the Union as a free state, Slave trade would be outlawed in D.C., the fugitive slave law was to be enforced by Northerners, Texas would give up much of its western land claims for pensions to pay of state debt, and finally the territory of New Mexico and Utah would be able to have popular sovereignty. In short, they all passed and the Union stayed together long enough for the North to get many of the advantages it had during the Civil War. Many people will actually say that this compromise lead to the north achieving victory in the Civil War.

Zachary Taylor died on 9 July 1850 long before the US Civil War.

It lasted from 1850 to 1864 (14 years).

This period lasted from about 1800-1850.

That was the Crittenden Compromise, which tried to restore the line of the Missouri Compromise of 1820, which had kept the peace for so long. Lincoln rejected it because it would have allowed the possibility of new slave-states.

Technically it lasted until the Kansas-Nebraska Act which changed the way states would be free or slave holding states. The idea of popular sovereignty gave citizens to vote on the slavery issue before applying for statehood. One part of the 1850 compromises lasted however. That was the 1850 Fugitive Slave Act. Even President Lincoln said he would enforce it.

The US Civil War lasted a tad over 4 years. That is not long, at all. Many Civil Wars last decades.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is still in effect.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, made the use of Congressional compromises unnecessary. Voters in territories could vote on the issue of slavery before the territory petitioned for statehood. What remained from the 1850 compromise was the Fugitive Slave Act. Even in 1860, president-elect Lincoln promised to enforce this law as long as it existed.

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The Englsih Civil war began in 1641 and ended September 3, 1651

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The question of whether or not slavery would continue in the US. The US Constitution did not outlaw slavery, and the South depended upon it for their economic survival. But maintaining a balance between "free states" and "slave states" could not prevent the North from becoming increasingly abolitionist. The long-delayed conflict finally erupted as the US Civil War (1861-1865).

It was an act made by Henry Clay declaring California as a free (non-slave) state and allowing popular sovereignty everywhere else. Following the Texas Annexation (December 29, 1845) and the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), there was a four year long confrontation between the slave states of the American South, and the free states of the American north, that arose from expectation of territorial expansion of the US. The "Compromise of 1850" defused this tension, and staved off secession (or civil war) at the time, and quieted sectional conflict. For more details, see the Related Link below.

it went from 1866 (end of civil war) to 1924

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