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How long do Texas police officers have to file a report on a wreck?

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Unless the accident required further investigation, i.e. there was a traffic death or the accident occurred during the comission of a crime, the report should be turned in at the end of the day. It might still have to be approved by the officer's supervisor and go through records, so it could be about three business days before a copy of the report is available to the public.

2006-08-11 12:49:49
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Q: How long do Texas police officers have to file a report on a wreck?
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In the state of Texas are you suppose to call the police after a car wreck?

In some cases, insurance companies will not pay off unless there has been a police report files. Yes, you should always file a police report so when you call to file an auto claim with your insurance, they will cover the deductable.

Whose fault is it if a school bus gets into a wreck on icy roads?

The fault if a school bus gets into a wreck on icy roads would be determined by the police officers who investigate the accident. If there was any fault of the school district, it would be decided in court.

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How do you determine who was at fault in an auto accident in Texas?

It is hard to say without all the details from the accident, but usually it is pretty clear who was at fault in the accident based on the facts and details. These can most easily be obtained from a police report, if there was an officer at the scene of the wreck. If the other driver is not primarily at fault, it will be difficult to file a claim.

A written report must be sent to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles within 10 days of a collision that?

Within 10 days a written report must be sent to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles where there was a wreck. This assumes that no police report was originally filed, which is always a good idea.

What affects do firefighters have on the police?

Firefighters and Police can affect each other in many ways. They typically both work on a Wreck or Fire emergency.

There was a wreck and nobody was hurt but my friend was driving and he does not have a license so I took the blame and got a dwi.What would happen if you lied to a cop and said you were driving?

In Texas you would be charged with False Report to A Peace Officer, Misdemeanor A.

What happens if you don't have car insurance and you got into a wreck in Texas?

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If you get in a wreck do you get a ticket?

It depends on who is at fault for the accident. The person that the police determine caused the accident will get the ticket.

Do the police automatically notify the insurance companies if you have a wreck where no one else was involved?

Police never do clerical work to file claims for the public. They are to protect! :)

Does Allstate require a stolen vehicle report if a friend takes your car without permission and they wreck the car?

Absolutely they will want a police report. Not only that but they will also insist that you press charges unless you decide that you did give him permission to use the vehicle. If you gave him permission the accident will count against you and your policy. If you press charges, then it will not count against you.

Who typically shows up on the scene of a truck wreck?

Many people typically show up on the scene of a truck wreck. Some of these people include the fire department police department and medical assistance.

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What happens if you have a wreck without auto insurance in Texas?

If there was a police officer involved then you would probably be cited for not having auto insurance. If you are found to be at fault then legal action could be brought against you by either the other party or the other parties insurance company.

You got in a wreck in the parking lot and did not get their insurance information or file a police report will insurance still pay for your damages?

That depends on the integrity of the at-fault driver and whether they'll admit to their insurance company or the court that they were at fault. Always get a police report. Often the other driver will apologize and admit fault at the time then start to feel pressure to not accept responsibility and deny when it gets time to step up. If a local police department says that they don't have jurisdiction in a private parking lot, contact the local sheriff or whatever it's called in your state.

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