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How long do cats live for?

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About 11 years, if you look after it.

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How long do Tabby Cats live?

Most cats live from 15-20 years.

How long can Andean cats live?

how long does an andean cat live for

How long can cats live outside in the winter?

not long

How long do cats live in people years?

Cats can live up to 20 years in Human years

How long do Siamese cats live?

On average Siamese cats live for between 15 and 20 years.

How long can big cats live?

Large domestic cats can live anywhere from 15-25 years.

Can long haired calico's cats live up to twenty years?

Yes. In fact, all cats can live that long if they are kept healthy.

How long are cats expected to live?

Most cats live 15 to 17 years, but can live to be over 20 years old.

Who made cats only live up to 19 years?

God made cats and he decided how long they live.

How long do saber-toothed cats live?

saber tooth cats can live up to about 10,000 years!

How long do Persian cats live?

Persian cats can live up to 30 years, which is almost impossible, but it is true. Usually cats live from 15 to 36 years.

How long do fat cats live.?

It depends on how healthy they are. Most fat cats live up to 12-15 years.

How long to African cats live?

African golden cats live about 12 years in captivity, but the lifespan in the wild is unknown.

How long does a Persian cats live?

18 yrs

How long do cats with rabies live?

5 days

How long do cat owners live?

A million years! do you mean how long do owned cats live as in domesticated cats? Having a cat has no effect on the owners life span

How long does a cat and dog live for?

Dogs live for 10 years, cats live for 18.

How long have big cats lived?

big cats live for 15-20 years in the wild

How long does an indoor cat live?

Normally cats live from 14-16 and if you're lucky, some cats can live beyond 20 years of age.

Do cats live in meadows?

Yes, cats can live and survive in a meadow as long as there is food it can catch, eat. If the cats were born and raised in the meadow the mother would teach it how to hunt.

How long do ragdoll cats live?

With lots of care and love Ragdoll Cats can live to be 20 or maybe even 30 years old!

How long do cats usually live?

15-20 ave

How long do cats normally live for?

It varies on the type of cat.

How long can American Curl cats live?

1000 years

How long do spynx cats live?

5-7 years