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I met my cuurent partner on the re-bound and we have been together 5 years. I was so hurt I was depressed and would basically just go to his house to sleep(I had insomnia, part of depression). It was 3 months of sleep before we had sex and I have more respect for him than anyone I have ever known. It depends on the individual. Some people find it easy to move on especially if the relationship was all about arguing and possibly even physical abuse, but the percentage is high that one of the partners was and is truly in love with the person that left and in great pain and grief. Losing someone because they have moved is hard on a person and even though they feel they have an edge on getting over it, they're lonely, and, in some cases need to prove to themselves that it wasn't because they were undesireable to their ex mate and so they start dating too soon in some cases. If the person doesn't give themselves enough time to grieve, think about things and realize mistakes made by either themselves or their ex mate then they haven't learned much and may repeat the same mistake by making the same mistakes in themselves, or choosing another mate that doesn't suit them. If you know anyone who is on the rebound and they want to date you then take it slow and easy. Give them a chance to get to know YOU and perhaps you may just win out.

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How long do rebound relationships based on sex usually last when both people are on the rebound?

Not very long.

Do rebound relationships ever last?

do rebound relation ships work? Well i cant really say they will or they wont i can't tell the future but if its a rebound it may not work he/she might be using you to get back at you or even trying to get your money but there is a slim chance this might be love.

How long does a rebound relationship last?

Most of many rebound relationships don't last as long as any normal relationship. As a matter of fact if a rebound relationship is even set up as a male being with two females or a female being with two makes while one is a rebound it could be considered as cheating. It's kind of like having a friend with benefits and still being in a relationship with another person. Once the other person your with finds out that you have a friend with benefits they may have the right to consider it as cheating. Many people think that a friend

How long will naval military relationships last?

Nobody can say for sure how long naval military relationships will last. Long distance relationships, as with any relationship, require commitment and effort on both sides.

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Is it common for a man on the rebound to lie to his friends about his so called relationships?

Of course.

How long does relationships last?

somtimes it matters at how good of a couple you guys are if you guys are nice to each other it will last long and if your not then it wont last long

Do long distance relationships last long?

It matters how much you keep in touch

How long do relationships last when your in grade 7?

It depends on the compatibility level but mot middle school relationships last less than a week

Word for new relationship right after end of a long relationship?

Rebound and they rarely last, except for mine.

Why do insecure people rebound in relationships?

Most times they don't like to be alone and are needy.

How long does the honeymoon phase in a rebound relationship last?

my ex is in one for 1.5 months, so I'm not sure

Can a rebound relationship last years?


Will he last in his rebound relationship if he really loves me?

no his relationship wont last!

How long do rebounds last?

It all really depends my friend.Mostly on the girl and the guy the rebound is for.If you are the rebound you really have to be careful!Ask the girl constantly why she got with you and tell her to pinky promise(It really works in most situations).If u want a general answer, they dont last very long at all im afraid.I've been through these many times and they always go back to the same guy.If you are REALLY sure that you are the rebound you can always say no and scold her for you being the rebound guy.

I am young and my boyfriend is in the navy will it last?

well it depends on how well you are with long distance relationships... I had a BF in the navy and it did not last =(

What kind of relationships do the Chinese have?

Chinese poeple seem to be close to one another. they have close relationships and they last a long time. all types of relationships of chinese people are good!

Can texting relationships survive?

its unlikely but ya. it can happen. i wouldn't do it. it wont last long

How long does thyroid rebound last once you stop the thyroid medication?


What percentage of high school relationships last?

2% of high school relationships acctually last into longterm relationships and marrage.

What do you do if you have moved on but you still miss your ex and you have the chance to get back with them but you also love the guy you're with?

If you miss your ex then it does seem, from your question that you may not have moved on after all. If the guy your with is a rebound, your present relationship may not last. Have you had space between the relationships ?

How long do most relationships last?

It all depends - some relationships can last for decades and decades. Others don't last very long. If both partners are willing to work hard and to be there for each other even through the tough times, they may last. The key is to never give up. When both people don't give up, then love flourishes.

How long does a rebound relation last?

It depends on the person! ANSWER: It's true it depends on the person, but if this person fell in love to that person it's much more different.

Do long distance relationships last?

well it depends on how commited you are to one another if you truly love the other half of the relationship then it wont failLong distance relationships could match first of all if the two of you match. Second, you've got to stay on top of it. Love should be proved in multiple ways. When love is affirmed, relationships last when they are meant to be.

Rebound relationships do they work?

sometimes and sometimes not people who rebond to early may not actually like you but use you to make the other person jealous