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Forever, until you get rid of them that is. You can do this on iTunes on your PC or, if you've got an iPod touch, you can delete them on there.


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The easy way to do what you want to do is to make a file called Christmas songs and list the songs in that file. It will stay on your IPod, but you just don't listen to them. You could also go in Itunes and uncheck the songs in your library that are Christmas songs. Do a sync of your library to your IPod and the songs will stay in the library, but not be on the IPod. When you want them back go in to Itunes and check them, sync, and they will be back on your IPod. If you want only Christmas songs you would check all the songs that are not Christmas and sync. Either way the songs stay in your Itunes library, but are not on the IPod.

An iPod will not stay charged for a week, no matter how long you charge it. Everytime you use it, battery power is being wasted. Also skipping songs, and it just being on is wasting power as well.

It depends how long the songs are! It depends how long the songs are!

a 2 gb ipod nano can hold about 450 songs but it kind of depends how long are all the songs

OkAY, All depends on how many Apps do you have in your iPod...BUT if you only use your iPod(4GB) for music then about a 1,000 songs might fit on it. It also depends on the song's size in MG, It means that you can have more than a thousand songs on it as long as the songs are not that long... I have the ipod touch(8GB) and i have obout 2,000+ songs with NO Apps on it...

no. everything from your iPod will be erased, but your itunes will stay the same, so when you sync it again, everything will be on your iPod again

You can play songs from your ipod touch on guitar hero for ps3 as long as you have the cables to connect.

The music on the Ipod willl be replaced with whatever songs in your Itunes lilbrary. Music will become stay in the Ipod if the songs are still in the itunes.

by downloading the songs on the CD on the computer and plug in your iPod and pick what songs you want on your iPod

If your iPod is locked, then you cannot put songs on it. You have to enter the password and unlock the iPod to add songs to it.

Yes, any kinds of songs can be played on ipod as long as it's an mp3 file, the content of mp3 file doesn't matter.

There are many reasons for this.You probably already have other stuff on your iPod than just those 800 songs.A good majority of those songs are probably very long songs. The average song is 3 minutes long, so any estimates given by Apple are for 3 minute long songs.

You add songs to your ipod by using itunes.

You can drag the songs from Library to "___'s iPod".

I lost my ipod touch and the songs is there anyway i can get my songs back?

You don't have to download songs onto your iPod, but that is half of what the iPod was made for.

you CAN recover songs from iPod as long as the flash memory is not severely damaged and the lost data is 100% intact (not overwritten). And the most effective way is by relying on a third-party iPod recovery software.

you cant download songs from napster on to an ipod

you can transfer songs from your ipod to your computer it is true

if you plug your iPod into your computer it will sync your music to your iPod. Or you can buy your songs with the iTunes app on your iPod touch.

There are possibly songs already on the iPod Shuffle. Either that or those 25 songs are extremely long. If neither of those things are the problem, take it to an Apple Genius.

In order to transfer songs from Realplayer to your iPod, you simply need to hook your iPod up to your computer with the chord. After that, drag the songs from the file where they are located on the computer to your iPod.

You can transfer songs from your computer to your iPod by connecting your iPod to your computer with the iPod chord that you received when purchasing it. Once it is connected, simply drag the songs from your library to your player.

Ipod... you get to buy songs you don't have and downlkoad songs you do have.

You buy the songs on itunes and download them onto your ipod.

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