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How long do you have to file specific performance?

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What is specific performance of contract and under which circumstances specific performance not granted?

Specific performance is when the court orders someone who is in breach of contract to do what they said they would do under the contract. Specific performance is not granted if the contractual breach can be remedied with damages, or if it is a personal service.

What is a bespeak?

A bespeak is a request for a specific performance or benefit performance - made by a patron.

What is an another term for long file?

Another term for long file might be long-term file or shell file.

What does a specific performance court order mean?

A specific performance court order is an order that requires the recipient of the order to perform the ordered act. A specific performance order is usually an alternative to awarding damages and can be in the form of any forced action.

What are the exceptions to the decree of specific performance of a contract?

It cannot be demanded the a person carry out a personal service, and specific performance cannot be used when damages are available

How long after a crime was committed against you can you file charges in Va?

That will depend on the specific crime involved. Some have no limitation at all.

How many GB is an avi file?

You might as well have asked: How long is a piece of string?The size of the file depends on how long the video is and on the picture quality. It you are comparing the file size and just badly phrased the question then export your video using every format you can and compare the file sizes. Then use the best one for your specific video.

Which file is good in performance c file or lib?

C sources and object-libraries don't actually do anything, so there is no point in comparing their performance. (In other words: your question makes no sense.)

Who can not sue for specific performance?

Those who are able to get damages

How long to file answer on a lawsuit in Texas?

How long is to long to wait filing

How long after an personal injury accident do you have to file a case?

That will depend on the specific jurisdiction. It is typically a couple of years, but you will have to look at the statute of limitations.

What is the program file name and extension of the reliability and performance monitor?


A specific location on the computer indicating where a file can be found is called?

File System's Index.

How long do you have to file a medical malpractice death?

That will depend on the specific laws for civil suits in your jurisdiction. It can vary from a few months to a few years.

What is an XPS file?

An XPS file is a file that is saved in an XML paper specification. This means that it is a file with a certain layout, similar to the way that PDF file has its own specific layout.

Do you have type a file extension if you want to include the file name?

No, you do not have to type the file extension if you want to include the file name. You only use file extension to make the specific file be able to be run by the program. Example: I want to make my file into a java program so i can use with a specific type of program which only runs java file i put .jav at the end of the title to make it from a text file to a java file.

How can you remove trojan.startpage in ntfs file system?

trying to remove trojon file from laptop it has decreased my speed and and performance. please help!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the effect of drugs in sport performance?

One needs to be more specific. Which aspect of sports performance? Which sports.

Can you sue for specific performance in an asignment to real estate?

You can sue anybody for anything, but it doesn't mean you will win. So, basically, YES, you can sue for a specific performance in an assignment to real estate.

What is the file that contains the programs that tell a computer how to perform a specific task?

Its called an executable file.

If you moved a file of you to utorrent download folder could it be uploaded?

No. The only way a file can be uploaded is to have a torrent file on your computer that refers to the specific file in question.

How long do you have to file assault charges in Kentucky?

How long do you have to file assault charged in Kentucky

What is to sue for specific performance in a real estate contract?

Actually available in most any contract...when some one fails to can sue for either specific performance or damages. in real estate, as the subject of the contract is so unique, specific performance occurs more frequently than it does in others. Specific performance is exactly that...someone promised to sell (or rent, or whatever) or buy the property....and you don't care about getting paid for damages if they don't...all that is wanted (needed) is performance...and the court will force the person to complete (that is perform on) the contract as agreed.

Where is the NTFS file located?

NTFS (New Technology File System) is not a specific file. It is a method to organize files on a Windows hard drive.

What is the difference between file type and file extension?

File type and file extension are same thing which indicates or identification of the specific file. Type of the file can be recognized by its file extension which comes after the file name like file.txt, file1.doc etc.