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How long do you have to wait after eating to throw up?

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It is not normal to throw up after eating, and one should definitely not want to throw up purposively after eating. The nutrition in food usually needs at least 12-24 hours to be fully digested. If you want to intentionally throw up after eating, you likely have an eating disorder or a digestive disorder.

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How long do bulimics wait after eating to throw up?

they try to do it as soon as they can, whether that's right after eating, or as soon as they can be alone.

How long should you wait after eating to ride a bike?

When I exercise I usually wait up to an hour

How long will it take a cat to throw up after eating grass?

How long it takes a cat to throw up after eating grass can vary quite a bit, depending on things such as how much grass the cat ate and what else was in its stomach. In general, a cat will throw up anywhere from almost immediately to 5 or 10 minutes after eating grass, though that don't always throw up at all.

What happens if you throw up every time after eating popcorn?

Either you eventually learn from the experience and stop eating popcorn, or you don't and continue to throw up. Which, and how long it takes, depends on how stupid you are.

What do you eat to throw up?

Eating to throw up is very dangerous. It is a sign of the harmful and potentially deadly eating disorder known as bulimia.

How long do you have to wait before you can eat after throwing up?

There is no or time period to wait where you cannot eat after you throw up. You can eat directly after it happens however if you still have an upset stomach it is not advised.

Why would a dog not eat and throw up a lot?

It might not be eating and throw up because of hunger

What are eating the disorders anorexia and bulimia?

when u throw up after eating to much

How long should you wait to throw up after you eat if you are bulimic?

asap! dah the sooner the better but make sure no1 notices that u go to the bathroom soon after eating (you shouldn't be eating if you want to lose weight) vomit till u got nuthing in you then have half a glass of milk wait ten min (at the least 20max) then reapeat also if this is after binge eating say ur going to have a shower turn shower on and throw up it also masks the nosie of ur puke and spray some deodrent or toilet spray will cover the smell

Feel sick after eating should you throw up?


You throw up after eating?

you are bulimic. you need help.

How long does it take for a girraff to throw up?

They do not throw up.

How do you get a eating disorder?

You don't eat and throw up or eat too much and throw up very simple

Will you throw up if you hang upside down after eating?

Yes,you might throw up if you eat too much!

Why do you throw up after eating and when I don't have an eating disorder?

If you are making yourself throw up, then you probably do have an eating disorder (eating disorder does not necessarily mean starving yourself), if it is coming up on its own something else might be wrong and you should go see your doctor.

What can you do for your dogs sensitive stomach she seems to throw up easily?

Dogs throw up by eating grass. Everyone knows that!!!

If you throw up will you still get the calories?

Depending on how long you wait after consuming the product, you will not keep the calories. However, if you wait for 30 minutes, then yes, you will have absorbed some of those calories.

Is it normal with morning sickness to throw up after eating?


What is too skinny?

too skinny is when you are not eating enough. or if you throw up after eating. you have to be a healthy eater.

When should a dancer eat before exercising and performing and why?

Probably an hour before exercising or performing for the same reason you wait an hour after eating to swim. Being too active too soon after eating can make you throw up.

How do you throw up by eating pizza?

i don't really understand your question. but HOW would be if it was rotten and it set off your stomach. if you mean in general how you throw up, this is a sign of an eating disorder and should be watched.

Does Miley Cyrus throw up?

On purpose, no. She is not known to have an eating disorder.

What happens if you go swimming right after eating?

you might throw up

Would it sometimes take a while for bulimics to throw up after eating and why?

Yes it would take a bit for them to throw up when they eat alot.

Do you have an eating disorder if you only throw up unhealthy food?

No, it you throw up the food, it does not matter if it is healthy or not. You eat anything and then throw it up to lose weight. But do not do it, it can lead to serious health issues later in life.