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Impossible to say.

Unless you control your eating you may NEVER lose weight through exercise.

For weight loss the trouble is that calories are so much faster eaten than used up.

If you're overeating it's close to impossible to work out hard enough and long enough to lose weight through that alone.

A single cupcake over your daily calorie allowance can easily take one hour to burn off, and even then you're only back to square one. To lose anything that day you'd need to keep going.

So any serious attempt at weight loss pretty much has to start with controlling your intake.

It also depends on what you do.

Weight/strength training usuallty doesn't provide that much of a steady elevated heart rate so by the hour weight/strength training won't burn as many calories as cardio exercises like cycling, rowing, running etc.

Basically all forms of exercise that gets you equally sweaty and winded for the same amount of time will burn the same amount of fat/calories.

If diet and exercise leaves you at a 500 cal deficiency a day, you should lose 3-4 lb/week, which would be visible within a few weeks.

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Do weight loss treatments require you to take off of work?

Weight loss treatments do not require you to take off of work. This is because weight loss treatments usually do something to help you lose weight, such as speed up your metabolism or decrease your appetite. As long as you don't experience any side effects, you should be fine at work.

Do exercise dvds work for weight loss?

They usually can, as long as you stick with them and watch what you eat as well.

Does sweet corn work out in weight loss?


Do people who participate in the weight watchers diet see long term weight loss results?

Yes they do see long term weight loss if they stick with their programs, their diet, and work hard at it. I found information about a new study that suggests you can keep the weight off with Weight watchers at

What is a good, motivating exercise program for weight loss?

A good motivating exercise program for weight loss would be to find something that really works for you. Also you can pick the days you want to work out and for how long you choose.

Do quick weight loss diets really work?

While you will lose the weight, you will not be able to keep it off for a long period of time. So yes, they work but not for good. The only way you can keep weight off is if you make a change!

How can I find out if green tea weight loss programs work?

I can tell you that it does work if you stick to it with exercise. Green tea is a great source of Antioxodents it is this that is the reason for weight loss.

How does the SENSA Weight Loss System work?

The weight loss system, SENSA, works by sprinkling their salt "Tastant" Crystals on your food, resulting in losing lots of weight. Unfortunately after extensive testing, this was proven not to work.

Which weight loss plans work long term?

Many people would suggest that the best long term weight loss plan would be simply eating healthy. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables while exercising frequently should shed some pounds.

Do weight loss drugs work on their own?

Drugs also changes the Life of who wants to loss Weight.Like this drug for weight loss tinyurl,/33hhntrn

DOes weight loss tea really work?

Yes weight loss tea is really work if we do it by the regular and correct basis and use it as said in that directions to follow and of following the other food for it.

How well do weight loss shakes work?

Weight loss shakes work if you use them as a meal replacement, not when you have them with your food. The shakes are suppose to provide you with all the nutritions you would normally get from your meals.

Optimal Weight Loss Progams That Work?

There are so many different weight loss programs available to help assist in the weight loss process. Some weight loss programs happen to work much better than others. The ultimate best weight loss program is based solely on opinion because different programs work better for different people. Some of the best programs are considered to be LA Weight Loss, Jenny Craig, and the HCG diet. All of these diets have helped people to shed pounds and live healthier lifestyles. These are just three of many weight loss programs that have rave reviews and high ratings.

Does gym reduce weight?

I have a solution for weight loss, just give me a comment below

What is liquid diet weight loss and does it really work?

Liquid weight loss is restricting your body to non solid foods and beverages. It will work for losing weight, but it is also known to carry some serious unpleasant side effects.

How does weight loss surgery work?

Weight loss or bariatric surgery bypasses the stomach creating a very small pouch in which food goes after eating.

How does hypnosis weight loss work?

Hypnosis works for weight loss by encouraging the individual to choose healthier behaviors that will lead to weight loss. For example, a hypnotist will suggest that the individual makes healthier food choices and exercises more.

What do quick weight loss pills do to your body?

They don't always work

Do weight trimmer belts work?

Weight trimmer belts do not work as directed and offer little benefit to the user. They are designed to stimulate the muscles and contribute to weight loss.

Spring Valley Acai - does it work for weight loss?

does acai berry helps lose weight

Finding Weight Loss Programs that Work for You?

Finding weight loss programs that work for you is a process of experimentation, of trial and error. What worked for your friend, your sister or your co-worker is not guaranteed to work for you. Everybody faces different physical problems, everybody's body type is different and everybody has different strengths. You may be more attuned to working out to get rid of fat than eating less, or vice versa. It's important to keep trying out different diets and weight loss programs until you find the one that really works for you.

What is a diet that work for you?

Fad diets are usually not very effective when it comes to long term weight loss. Focus instead on improving your diet and exercising. This will help lead to keeping the weight off.

How well do diet shakes work for weight loss?

Diet shakes work well for weight loss in the desert category however the diet shake as a whole diet don't work for many and some even say it is a total flop.

What is a good work out DVD for weightloss?

People lost weight even when there were no DVDs for weight loss. But right now, the DVDs Turbo Fire and Turbo Jam are known to be great for weight loss.

Does a tea weight loss plan really work?

Green tea added to a weight loss plan can help with losing weight. Green tea is supposed to help raise energy levels.