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How long do you have to work out until you see the weight loss?

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Impossible to say.

Unless you control your eating you may NEVER lose weight through exercise.

For weight loss the trouble is that calories are so much faster eaten than used up.

If you're overeating it's close to impossible to work out hard enough and long enough to lose weight through that alone.

A single cupcake over your daily calorie allowance can easily take one hour to burn off, and even then you're only back to square one. To lose anything that day you'd need to keep going.

So any serious attempt at weight loss pretty much has to start with controlling your intake.

It also depends on what you do.

Weight/strength training usuallty doesn't provide that much of a steady elevated heart rate so by the hour weight/strength training won't burn as many calories as cardio exercises like cycling, rowing, running etc.

Basically all forms of exercise that gets you equally sweaty and winded for the same amount of time will burn the same amount of fat/calories.

If diet and exercise leaves you at a 500 cal deficiency a day, you should lose 3-4 lb/week, which would be visible within a few weeks.

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