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To me, waiting half an hour or 20-30 minutes after eating is very recommended. This is because when we finish eating, our food is in our stomach getting digested. When we move a lot like run or jump, the consumed food bounce around, thus, resulting in vomiting, or a sick stomach.

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You should at least wait about 45 min

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It’s 60-90 min

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Q: How long do you wait to eat after exercising?
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How long should you wait before exercising after you eat?

60 to 90 minutes

How long should you wait before exercising before eating?

About 1-2 hrs.

How long do you have to wait after you eat?

we such wait 10 mins

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as a general rule of thumb, how long should you wait between eating and exercising?

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Can you xtrasize after you eat?

Exercise? You can, but this can lead to getting things such as cramps and if you over work your self you can vomit. Try to wait 30 minutes after a meal before exercising!

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