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If he wants to KEEP a green card, he must live in the U.S. 6 months out of every year, although extensions are possible (such extensions are granted at the discretion of USCIS, you do NOT have a right to an extension)

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On the USCIS website, under "International Travel as a Permanent Resident," it says essentially:

  1. The rule of thumb is that if you are out of the country for over than a year, they may question whether you intended to make the US your permanent residence.
  2. Shorter trips may still be a problem, if they don't think you were intending to make the US your permanent country of residence. Under those circumstances, they may consider evidence such as family and community ties in the US, maintaining US employment, filing US income taxes, keeping a US mailing address and bank accounts, owning property or running a business in the US, maintaining a valid US driver's license, etc.
  3. Trips of six months or more may disrupt continuous residency for naturalization purposes, but there are ways around that.

That page also mentions requirements of foreign countries (visas, etc.), requirements for reentry into the US, longer trips, etc.

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no you do not, as long as you have a birth certificate showing you were born in the United States or you have documentation that supports you have become a US citizen a green card in unnecessary.

Being pregnant by a US citizen won't get you a citizenship. If you are married to a US citizen and have filled for permanent resident and got your green card and after your first green card for 2 years you have to apply for your second green card, but for citizenship you can apply after 2 yrs and 9 months from first green card.

If you marry a citizen in the United States, it could take several months to obtain a Green Card.

My mother was citizen apply for me have a green card but wondering how long I be able to apply citizen ship

The process to get green card can be through marriage,employment or through relative and should be petitioned for by the US citizen or green card holder spouse, employer or US citizen relative or green card holder in US respectively. Depending on the availability of the visas under the category you apply the time period to get a green card changes.

5 years as a Permanent Resident (Green Card)

To get a provisional green card the time period would be about a year and a normal green card would be about three years.

you have to be in the Unied state for 5years or get married with a u.s citizen for 3years.

As long as you are legally married to a US citizen, you are a citizen. it doesn't matter if you get divorced or not. YOU ARE A CITIZEN!

You have to have your green card for 5yrs or 3yrs if married to a US citizen. Then you have to apply for US citizenship and once approved you can apply for US a passport.

No, Hoe Long is a Chinese citizen.


While being the bona fide spouse of a US citizen automatically makes someone eligible for a permanent resident visa ("green card"), simply living with a US citizen does not confer any special status no matter how long you lived with them.

Individuals who obtain a Green Card through marriage to a U.S. Citizen are granted "Conditional" Green Card status when they enter US just after marriage, which is only valid for two years. Individuals who have been granted Conditional Green Card Status are required to apply to remove the Conditions on their Green Card within 90 days of the date that their Conditional Permanent Resident status expires that is before second wedding anniversary and they are still married. After conditions are removed the applicant is issued a green card valid for 10 years.

6-7 months you'll get a permanent visa, and then after 2 years you'll go through interviews and stuff and if they believe your marriage is for real you'll get a green card.

There is no minimum time limit as such.A person can enter US as a green card holder itself if he/she had been through the consular process to get green card staying outside US. So once the visa is available you can get green card after being petitioned by a US citizen sponsor. It is also possible through your employer. There is also the green card lottery option to win a green card. Also if you are married to a US citizen once you enter US you get the conditional status and after 2 years of successful marriage the status could be adjusted to permanent status through which the alien spouse gets a green card.

i am a us citizen i have been marry to Persian lady so how long it take for her to get citizen through marriage.

Once the US citizen spouse petitions using Form I-130 for the alien spouse's green card and the priority date becomes current visa will be available for the applicant to enter US will a conditional green card valid for 2 years which using the Form I-485 status should be adjusted to permanent residency 90 days before the conditional status expires.

Not automatically. You would still need to apply for a permanent resident visa (commonly called a "green card") in order to legally live in the US. However, being married to a US citizen does speed up that process. If you don't get a green card, you would be risking getting arrested and deported back to your home country- and if you get deported, you are prohibited from getting a green card for a long time.

There are several possible ways to get a green cardThrough Marriage to a US Citizen - When you marry a US citizen, that person will be able to sponsor you a green card, provided that the marriage is genuine and not just for the sake of getting a green card.Through employment in the US - If you have been hired by a US employer, then you can be sponsored a green card by the sameThrough your relatives, friends or family - If anybody in any of these categories is already in the US as a permanent resident or a Citizen ,then they can sponsor a green card for you. However this is a very long process when compared to the first two.Through the DV lottery - This is a annual event conducted by the US Department of State to enable immigrants to move into the US easily.Apart from these, there are several other ways also based on your specific circumstances as an immigrant.

If you are married to an American citizen, living in Germany, and are a German citizen, you will likely need a Visa or a Green card to enter the US, depending on how long you will be in the US and why you are coming.

Well, first of all your phrasal structure is wrong.You have to wait at least 1 to 3 years.

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