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How long does a DUI remain on an FBI check?


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If you were charged criminally it will always remain on your record (I am uncertain as to whether a criminal DUI offense can be expunged or not - you would have to check on this) - if it was charged as a traffic offense it WILL always remain on your driving record. Your driving record is a COMPLETE history of your driving life and does NOT go away.

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No because the background check goes to the FBI And they will find out about the DUI arest

Unfortunately, the DUI is linked to your name. Not your finger print. All that information would be easily seen. Your fingerprint would be added to your name as well. But they don't need to have your fingerprint to let people know of your DUI.

In most cases (excluding FBI, government, or police specific and exclusive no other entity can legally access) no as offenses that occurred when you were a minor are not reportable.

wiki answers sucks nobody ever answers any questions on here better try yahoo this site will be dead soon

All of your criminal record, if any, is included in a FBI background check. In additional to that, FBI background check will reveal all of your personal information such as SSN or DOB.

No they have no required background check.

Check the FBI Uniform Crime Report link on the FBI web site.

Yes he is. In fact he is the youngest FBI Agent.Don't believe me check it out for yourselves.

None, the FBI is an arm of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Most of them do. Check with your local college.

I do believe so yes - Jason

Certain jobs--TSA, etc.--require an FBI background check, in order to make sure that applicants are right for the job.

As long as he isn't at work, an FBI agent can drink as much as you or I can.

yes as long as you are over 18, pass the FBI check at the counter (takes about 15 minutes), pay for it, and the barrel is longer than 18". check with your state first though.

The security background check usually regards a comprehensive history and investigation done on the applicant by the FBI. The FBI check involves criminal history, employment histories, interviewing friends and neighbors, and sometimes a check of credit.

Yes, but bear in mind that it will not help you and can only be a disadvantage. Although I would not let that stop me from trying.

Form 772/772a and 772b are only available on FBI internal networks or through the FBI security program office. Check with your local security officer or contact your local FBI security desk.

Your NDR (National Driver Registry) it will remain for 7 years, background checkable to 10 years, apply for a Federal job, for life. A letter is put in your FBI file, yes you have one, so does Mother Theresa, the Pope, and the Dali Lama. They can find it for life if they need to.

The FBI was Formed 103 Years ago under the Name BOI Bureau of Investigation

You cannot attend college for an "FBI major." Get your four year degree in what you enjoy and then apply to the FBI. If you have doubts that you enjoy a degree that they do not employ then check their website to see some of the popular degrees that they are seeking out. One accepted as a candidate, they will give you your "FBI degree."

Likely, because its part of your background basis. They check homes, years lived in, addresses etc.. something like this is typically checked for FBI necessary needs.

Check the FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

Check the FBI Uniform Crime Report

Checks are sometimes required for certain types of employment. A form is filled out on the FBI website and submitted. Using the details provided the FBI then check through all law-enforcement agency records to see if any crimes have been committed that may compromise a person's suitability for the position to which they have applied.

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