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I guess it would be 2 years - statute of limitations for an oral contract

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Q: How long does a doctor have to send somebody a bill in California?
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How long does a doctor have to bill a patient?

within timely filing limit

Can a doctor bill a medicare medical patient if they do not participate with MediCal Medicaid?

I think you mean, can a doctor bill a patient if the doctor doesn't participate in Medical and the answer is yes, as long as the doctor didn't accept the patient as a Medical patient...

How long does a Doctor have to sign a death certificate?

in california, 15 hours from death.

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How long can a hospital in California wait to bill after services are rendered?

7 months

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Can your doctor bill you if his office filed your medical claim almost 2 years later and was denied by your insurance on the basis of taking too long to file?

yes he can. he can bill you all he want's. try not paying and see how long it takes for him to complain.

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