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I guess it would be 2 years - statute of limitations for an oral contract

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2006-04-05 14:18:37
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Q: How long does a doctor have to send somebody a bill in California?
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How long does a doctor have to bill a patient?

within timely filing limit

Can a doctor bill a medicare medical patient if they do not participate with MediCal Medicaid?

I think you mean, can a doctor bill a patient if the doctor doesn't participate in Medical and the answer is yes, as long as the doctor didn't accept the patient as a Medical patient...

How long does a Doctor have to sign a death certificate?

in california, 15 hours from death.

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How long can a hospital in California wait to bill after services are rendered?

7 months

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Can a medical doctor prescribe narcotics?

As long as its not a schedule one narcotic, a doctor can prescribe it. And in some cases (California) even marijuana which is on the list, can also be prescribed.

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How long should a medical record be kept in California?

In California, a doctor has the right to keep records forever if they choose. However, legally they only have to keep them for 25 years after the patients last visit.

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