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The exceptions are a pardon or expungement granted by the governor of the state in which the person received the felony conviction or the President if it is a federal conviction.

Such acts are taken in relation to wrongful conviction.

For example, the person being cleared in a retrial or by evidence such as DNA being presented that proves the person inoccent of the crime for which he or she was convicted.

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Does a DUI affect your ability to expunge your felony record?

For the most part, you cannot expunge a convicted felony from your record. The DUI would just remain on top of that.

Can an employer find out if you were convicted of a felony 20 years ago in another state?

Yes, unless the record was sealed or expunged. Felony convictions remain on your record indefinitely.

How long for a felony to show on a background check in California?

A felony is going to be forever. Convicted criminals remain for life unless the court expunges their record.

Can you get felony removed for DUI?

Dependiong on the law of the state which convicted you, you MAY be able to get the criminal record expunged, but the DMV record will always remain.

In Michigan how long will a charge of forgery remain on your record?

Felony convictions are a permanent part of the convicted person's record. The SOL applicable for a felony charge of forgery (the person is not brought to trial and convicted) is 6 years from the time the person was originally charged.

Do felonies on a persons record go away when laws change?

No. If the act was illegal at the time it was committed, it was a felony. That will remain forever unless you get the felony expunged.

In Indiana how long will a 'driving while intoxicated' felony conviction remain on your record?

A DUI conviction or any felony conviction becomes a permanent part of the convicted person's criminal record.

Can felony drug charges be taken off a record in New Hampshire?

If you're convicted of a felony, it will remain on your record for life.Added: Quoted from the NH expungement law: "A person convicted of a violent crime, of any crime of obstruction of justice, or of any offense for which the petitioner was sentenced to an extended term of imprisonment is not eligible for annulment."

How long a felony stays on your record?

A felony will remain on your criminal history record permanently, unless it qualifies to be expunged.

How long does a felony stay on your record in Texas?

For Adults:A felony conviction will remain on your criminal record for the rest of your life unless your conviction is over turned or exhonerated by the court or you successfully petition the court and show good cause for an expungement of the felony (very rare).. Juviniles that are convicted of a felony have their records sealed at age 18 unless they were tried as an adult in which case the felony charge remains on their adult record..

If arrested as a minor for domestic and you were not convicted does that stay on your record?

In most jurisdictions, your conviction record is usually sealed once you become an adult. If you were not convicted, it will not remain on your record.

How long does a felony charge stay on your record in NY?

A felony conviction will remain on your 'record' indefinetly, until you have it expunged via Court order.

How long does a felony charge remain on a person's record in Arizona?


What is difference of ex-felon and felon?

If you're convicted of a felony, you become a felon. You're a felon while you're serving your sentence, and you remain a felon after you've served your sentence. If you end up being acquitted of a felony crime you'd previously been convicted of, then you can legitimately be called an ex-felon, provided you don't have any other prior felony convictions on your record.

How long will a felony show up on a background check in Texas?

Texas does not make exceptions allowing for felony expungement. Therefore, your record will remain your record for the rest of your life.

Can you buy a gun in Ohio with a expunged juvenile felony?

No. Expunged simply means it's not readily accessible information on the public record. You remain, however, a convicted felon, and the felony conviction will appear when your NICS background check goes through. Under federal law, it is illegal for a convicted felon to purchase, be in possession of, or otherwise have access to firearms and/or munitions.

Can a ex felon hunt in northcarolina?

An ex-convict and an ex-felon are not the same thing. An ex-felon is someone who was convicted of a felony, but the conviction was later overturned - thus, they are no longer a felon. An ex-convict is someone who was convicted, sentenced, and has completed their sentence - if they were convicted of a felony, then they remain a felon.Both may hunt in North Carolina. However, an ex-con convicted of a felony charge may not do so with a firearm.

Can felony drug charges be taken off a record in Wisconsin?

They will remain on your record for life. Even having them expunged doesn't remove them from your record - it just limits who can see them on your record.

Can you exsponge your record if you were convicted of a crime?

It can be expunged, but that won't make the convictions go away or clear you of them. An expungement of a record only means it's made less accessible to the general public. You still remain convicted of whatever crime(s) you were convicted of.

Will you be convicted for first time shoplifting and have a clean record?

Yes. At least in this state you will be convicted for first time shoplifting. Frequently a way exists to get the conviction removed from your record if you remain clean for a period of time afterward. If you do not, the conviction is not removed from your record.

Once your are a felon do you always remain a felon?

If you commit a felony crime it will stay on your record for the rest of your life unless you get a pardon or get the felony expunged. You will need a lawyer and a lot of patience to get this off your record.

How long does a felony weapon possession in Louisiana remain on your record?

If it occurred after your 18th birthday it will become a permanent part of your criminal history record.

How long does a mistermeaner stay on your record?

Both misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses remain on your criminal record permanently, unless they are removed, such as by expungement.

How long does a third offense DUI felony stay on record in Michigan?

Felonies typically always will remain on a criminal record unless expunged.

Is it possible to clear a federal felony from record?

The only way a felony on any level, state or federal can be cleared from a record is if an appellate court overturns a conviction (meaning that an individual should never have been found guilty). If an individual has been found guilty of a felony, it will remain on record for life.