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Call a local attorney for state specific advice.

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Q: How long does a finance company have to repo your car before you can claim it as yours?
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How many more payments do you have?

You will have to call the finance company about yours. We had a Mortgage burning party at my place a few years ago.

Your car was on a buy back list because of problems Before the buy back could go through your car was repossessed What are your options?

Then the car was never yours - it 'belonged' to the finance company until you have paid the full amount. When a person buys something they pay the seller the purchase price - you didn't pay that money, the finance company did, so they were the buyer and you were using it with their permission until you paid the price to them. The finance company will benefit from any transactions concerning it.

How long after doing a temporary promotion can you claim the job as yours?

In most cases, after doing a temporary promotion for 3 months you claim the job as yours. However, you should also be keen on the terms that were provided before the promotion commenced.

What is the definition of Staking A Claim?

to claim something is yours. example: my staked his claim by saying the house was his

Can you claim land that is not yours?

No you can not claim land that is not yours. you could get in big trouble.You could maybe even start wars or fights if you do claim somebody else's land as yours. Lots of people could die and that would be very bad.

Can someone with liability only on a company vehicle involved in a minor accident driving to their home file a claim?

What would you file a claim for? The vehicle is not yours and it's a minor accident with no injuries, so you have no loss.

If you claim with their insurance do you have to claim with yours?

Your policy will have wording like, 'you must promptyly report ALL claims/accidents' it's a good idea to let your company know in case something goes wrong with the claim, comparative negligence assessed against you etc.

Can you file a claim on both insurance companies yours and the party at fault in an auto accident?

Yes, you can. However, ultimately it is the at fault party's insurance company that will pay for the claim. In such a case, you will file a claim under your collision coverage and be subjected to the deductible. Once the claim is settled, your company will subrogate the loss with the other company(i.e. get reimbursed). Once that happens, you will be provided your deductible back. If you go through the at fault party's policy, you would file the claim under the property damage of the policy.

Can you change from an buy to a lease in 1 day after signing a contract to purchase a vehicle before delivery of the vehicle?

It depends on where you are. Here in Tennessee, there is no "cooling off" period. Once you sign the paperwork, the car is yours. The only way to change it is if the dealership and/or finance company agrees.

Can a finance company repossess a car in California if they are not on the registration?

two choices here. they have the VIN mixed up with yours OR they have purchased the loan contract from the original lender. Contact the lender and find out.

Where does it say to claim something its yours?

A.loudB.unnecessaryC.very expensiveD.very steep

Can you claim a child on your taxes if its not yours?

no, unless you are their legal guardian.

What does claim mean-?

To take land or to say that something is yours

If your tree damages the neighbors house whose insurance covers it yours or theirs?

You should run the claim through your insurance first. The neighbor or their insurance company can come after you for damages.

How can you get 1 million dollars?

Shoot the boss(but dont shoot yet)of a famous company that earns alot of money and claim that all the money is yours, get all his or her money onto ur bank account and then rule the company :P

Do you have to sign a HIPAA form to file a claim?

Based off of my research into this matter I have found that you do not have to sign the HIPPA form to file a claim. What this form does is it allows the insurance company to access medical records related to your claim directly from the health care providers that have them. If they do not have this form then only you have access to the records and the insurance company will have to reach out to you for every record they need through out the claim process. It is usually recomended that you sign the form for simplicities sake since it will make the claim process allot faster but the choice is yours. Hope this helps!

What company has the slogan From Our Family to Yours?


What should you do if your car is hit by someone who has the same insurance company as you do?

It makes no difference. It is still a valid claim, regardless if the other driver has the same insurance as yours. The same laws and regulations apply.

How long does an at fault insurance company have to settle your auto accident claim if they are at fault?

it depends on whose fault is it. if yours than around 8 months. if there's than probably 4 months.

What two words go with yours at the end of a letter with the word yours before or after these words?

Very Sincerely Yours, Yours Very Sincerely

Do less depreciation amount from a claim of disaster is yours to keep?

Now try in proper English. The deductible is not a payment. That is in essence what you pay before the insurance co pays. In other words, if the loss is $1000 and you have a deductible of $300 you will only get a claim check for $700

How many years do you have to pay taxes on someone elses property before it is yours?

In many states you must prove that you have paid or taken care of the property continueously for 10 years before you can make a claim in court for Adverse Possession.

Can you sell your car after the car has been repossessed?

No. A car is repossessed because you failed to finish paying for it. Since you never fully paid for it, it's not yours. No. You do not own the car once it has been repossessed. To sell the car you would need the title, which is in the hands of the finance company. After a repossession, usually 30 days later the finance company places the car in an auto auction. There it is sold to the highest bidder. In the rare case that the net proceeds from the sale exceed what you owe for the car (plus interest, penalties, repo fee, etc.) the finance company has to send you a check. If you can redeem the car by paying the full past due amount plus interest before they place it in the auction sale, then you can sell the car.

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LG Electronics

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Yours sinserely