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Call a local attorney for state specific advice.

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Q: How long does a finance company have to repo your car before you can claim it as yours?
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How many more payments do you have?

You will have to call the finance company about yours. We had a Mortgage burning party at my place a few years ago.

Your car was on a buy back list because of problems Before the buy back could go through your car was repossessed What are your options?

Then the car was never yours - it 'belonged' to the finance company until you have paid the full amount. When a person buys something they pay the seller the purchase price - you didn't pay that money, the finance company did, so they were the buyer and you were using it with their permission until you paid the price to them. The finance company will benefit from any transactions concerning it.

How long after doing a temporary promotion can you claim the job as yours?

In most cases, after doing a temporary promotion for 3 months you claim the job as yours. However, you should also be keen on the terms that were provided before the promotion commenced.

What is the definition of Staking A Claim?

to claim something is yours. example: my staked his claim by saying the house was his

Can you claim land that is not yours?

No you can not claim land that is not yours. you could get in big trouble.You could maybe even start wars or fights if you do claim somebody else's land as yours. Lots of people could die and that would be very bad.

Can someone with liability only on a company vehicle involved in a minor accident driving to their home file a claim?

What would you file a claim for? The vehicle is not yours and it's a minor accident with no injuries, so you have no loss.

If you claim with their insurance do you have to claim with yours?

Your policy will have wording like, 'you must promptyly report ALL claims/accidents' it's a good idea to let your company know in case something goes wrong with the claim, comparative negligence assessed against you etc.

Can you change from an buy to a lease in 1 day after signing a contract to purchase a vehicle before delivery of the vehicle?

It depends on where you are. Here in Tennessee, there is no "cooling off" period. Once you sign the paperwork, the car is yours. The only way to change it is if the dealership and/or finance company agrees.

Where does it say to claim something its yours?

A.loudB.unnecessaryC.very expensiveD.very steep

What does claim mean-?

To take land or to say that something is yours

Can you claim a child on your taxes if its not yours?

no, unless you are their legal guardian.

How can you claim an anonymously submitted answer to be yours after login?

It is ethically wrong to claim something as yours when you are not the original owner of it. As far as the claiming of an answer is concerned, you need to describe about which website or system are you talking about.

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