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How long does a full flight from Sydney to Cairo Egypt take?

Connecting via Europe or Asia approx 27 hours flight time.

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Q: How long does a full flight from Sydney to Cairo Egypt take?
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How long does a full flight from Pennsylvania to Cairo Egypt take?

About 12 hours.

Does a flight from London to Sydney have to stop en route?

A flight from London to Sydney indeed does have to stop "en route". It is necessary for the plane to make sure it has enough fuel to complete the full flight.

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Not really, In current times, the 747-400 could fly the, about, 22 hour flight from Sydney to London flight if needed but there would be some changes to the flight. There would have to be a larger fuel tank added, no cargo and not a full load of passengers. In 1989, a Qantas 747-400 flew directly from Sydney, Australia, to London, England on its delivery flight. This aircraft was not carrying any passengers or cargo aboard. This 747 had a extended fuel tank installed so it could travel the entire distance with no stops.

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