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How long does a speeding ticket last on your license in long Island Ny and if you get a speeding ticket in Va does it make it back to NY?

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How long a speeding ticket remains on your license depends on which state you live in. Your local DMV can tell you how many years your driving record covers. If the ticket is unpaid, it will show on the record until it's taken care of and the DMV will suspend your license. As for whether whether NY will find out about it, traffic infractions follow your license; they're not confined to any one state.

2006-08-11 15:23:49
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Q: How long does a speeding ticket last on your license in long Island Ny and if you get a speeding ticket in Va does it make it back to NY?
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If you get a dui after you get speeding ticket when you get you licensing back is the speeding ticket still on your recode?


Drivers license in Utah speeding ticket in Minnesota?

If a person who is licensed in Utah gets a speeding ticket in Minnesota, and does not want to fight the ticket, they should mail a check for the fine to the address given on the back of the ticket. If the fine is not known, the person can call the phone number on the back of the ticket and ask what the fine is. All of this must be done before the court date given on the ticket.

What happens if you do not pay a speeding ticket in Pennsylvania?

Several things happen if you do not pay a speeding ticket in PA. Your license in your home state will be suspended, so you will get in big trouble driving in your home state. Also, the Court in PA will issue an arrest warrant. If you return to PA and get stopped again, you will go to jail on the unpaid ticket. If you move to a third state and want a driver's license there, it will be denied because of the unpaid ticket and the suspended license back home. Finally, your insurance will be cancelled and you will be unable to get any insurance until you take care of the ticket.

Can you pay a ticket after your license is suspended?

Yes, in many cases you have to pay the ticket before you can get your license back.

How much did a speeding ticket cost in 1996?

back then i cost about 100$

How much is your speeding ticket that you got in Mansfield LA if you were going 92 in a 70?

It should say on the back of your ticket.

How much is a ticket for expired tags in Colorado?

When a ticket is issued, the cost of ticket is printed on the left side of the back of the speeding ticket. Normally, the cost of ticket is about 180 dollars for expired tags in Colorado.

How long do you have to pay a speeding ticket in CT?

In the state of Connecticut, you have 30 days to pay a traffic ticket. The answer date will be written on the back of the ticket by the police officer who gives it to you.

What are the consequences of not paying a Canadian speeding ticket if you live in Illinois?

You will never get back into Canada again.

What is the cost for a speeding ticket in clayton county GA of 84 in a 55?

The cost for a speeding ticket in Clayton county, GA going 84 in a 55 is not listed online. The ticket should state the price on the back. If the price isn't states, you will need to go to court.

Does your speeding ticket fine increase if there is a child in the back in a carseat?

The fine won't increase, but you coudl get a ticket if the child isn't properly secured in the seat. General advice: Don't risk lives -- especially those of children -- by speeding.

How does excessive speeding ticket effect my commercial drivers license?

You can lose your job if you get caught twice, including with a car. You'll find it hard to get back into the business too, because you're not going to have a clean driving record.

What happens if I got a speeding ticket but don't know where?

If it was out of state I wouldn't worry about it. If it's in your home state the DMV will take the steps to suspend your drivers license until you pay the ticket and the revocation fee. Most DMV's will be able to tell you where you need to send the money for the violations. The information should be on the back of the ticket you were givin by the cop.

I live in California got speeding ticket in Arizona how to fight this ticket?

You will have to go back to Arizona to go to court. You can pay the fine by mail if decide not to fight it.

Do you have to pay a South Dakota speeding ticket if you live in Michigan?

No, but if you ever go back to South Dakota, you'll be arrested.

How much is a speeding ticket i was going 72 in a 55 zone?

the answer should be on the ticket the police gave u, it tells u how much u have to pay depending on the speed u were going , look on the speeding ticket ,maybe on the back of the ticketmy teacher had that same problem today don't agree with the 1st person who answered this,because it depends on how big the city's smaller the tenth bigger the ticket. The bigger the town,the cheaper the ticket.

Where is the banana peel to defeat Speeding Spike on Super Power island?

There is no banana peel to defeat Speeding Spike. It's a puddle that he has to slip on, and then you take him back to jail!

If i didn't Pay my speeding ticket from another state what will happen to my license?

It will eventually get back to you. States far away from each other may not have communications pacts, but not paying the ticket is a sure way that they will notify your state in order to collect. Your best option is to pay the fine outright, and there's a chance that your own state will never know.

How many speeding tickets in Virginia are you allowed in a 6 month period before losing license?

That depends on the points that are assigned to each Virginia speeding ticket. Virginia has a 12 point system so your license is suspended if you acquire 12 points against your license. You have the option of taking the voluntary Virginia online traffic school which will put five points back on your Virginia driving record. The Virginia points system and the Virginia online traffic school information can be found at the link below.

What court and judge do you see for speeding?

There should be a specific judge that you see in traffic court. The address of the court should be printed on the back of your ticket.

How can you avoid points on your Florida driver's license for a speeding ticket received in Georgia for 25 mph over the speed limit but it's your first ticket in the last 7 years?

== == If you hold a Florida driver's license, a conviction in another state will NOT go on your Florida record. It WILL go on your INSURANCE record. Actually - referring to GA laws - they will report the offense back to your home state. That means it will go on your Fl driving record just as if you received the ticket in Florida. On top of that - all points will be assessed based on the Fl point system and you CANNOT take a class to wipe off the points when you receive an out of state ticket. It sucks big time. I suggest not speeding next time...i learned the hard way.


Yes. It doesn't matter what state your are in when you get a violation, it will flow back to the state where your license is issued.

Does a speeding ticket in Wisconsin effect your driving record in Illinois?

"No butt you need to pay off the speeding ticket." "That is a complete lie. If you obtain a copy of your driving abstract from the department of motor vehicles, it will show the violation on your record. Also, one conviction from an out of state ticket will cause your license to be suspended in Illinois." Untrue, All but 4 states are part of the DLC (the drivers license compact) which means that they are required by the compact to report traffic infractions back to the home state where the driver is registered. Since Wisconsin is not part of the pact, your ticket only counts towards their point system and has no bearing on your Illinois driving record. "Actually, that's a little reversed. Wisconsin is NOT a part of the DLC, that is correct, but Illinois IS, and it is Illinois' right to get the info. from other states. If you were a WI resident, getting a ticket in Illinois, WI would not seek the information on your ticket."

If you receive a speeding ticket going eleven miles over the speed limit what will your fine be in the state of Virginia?

SHould say on the back of the ticket or call the local sheriffs office they can give you the fine amount. There are no dollars amount of fine on back of ticket. You will have to call the issue court to get the fine amount. Police can not put fine amount on ticket.

Cost of speeding ticket in ca for 83 in a 55 zone?

I got busted for 83 in a 55... in California right now that will set you back $436. >,<