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How long does a vaginal friction infection last?

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Vaginal friction is not an infection. But to answer your question it usually last about a week to a week and a half. It depends on how many lacerations you vagina has after rough sex. As long as you don't continue having sex, and allow time for your body to heal, they will only be there for a week, week and a half tops!


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How long does a urinary tract infection last?

How long does a water infection last for?

How long do vaginal infections last?

The time varies with each different type of infection, whether it is being treated and how.

Can vaginal bleeding last as long as a period?

Vaginal bleeding is period sweetie lol

How long does vaginal bleeding last if your pregnant?

two days?

How long do you bleed after vaginal birth?

It can last up to 6 weeks.

How long can a bacterial infection last?

It depends on the seriousness of the infection and the cause and location of the infection to determine how long it will last. With the right antibiotics, most infections can clear up in 7 to 10 days.

How long after treating a yeast infection can you use a tampon?

You can use tampons as soon as the vaginal infection has cleared - but do remember that tampons increase risk of vaginal infections, if you commonly experience vaginal infections you may want to consider switching to more hygienic options such as menstrual cups or softcups instead of tampons.

How long does normal vaginal bleeding last if you are pregnant?

the whole 9 months

How long does a yeast infection last ON a male?

a yeast infection lasts for about 2 weeks

How long does it take mycosyst 150mg to work on vaginal yeast infection?

Mycosyst 150mg should begin to work on getting rid of a vaginal yeast infection within the first day of use. There are many factors in determining how long it will take to completely get rid of the yeast infection. Mycosyst should be used for the entire length of time that your doctor has prescribed for you, even if you feel the yeast infection has gone away.

How long does Pinworm infection last?

Pinworm infection usually lasts one to two months

How long does seatworm infection last?

Seatworm infection usually lasts one to two months

Can an ear infection last more than 2 weeks?

Yes, It can last for a long time. If you have an ear infection, and are concerned, consult your physician.

How do you get rid of a vaginal odor?

It sound like a vaginal infection. Wearing tight clothing. I.E. thongs, skinny jeans, or a wet bathing suit for long periods of time can cause an infection. You need to go see a Gyno. There is an easy fix for it. Get a scheduled appointment and then go from there.

How long does ear infection last?

7-10 days

How long does a Campylobacter infection last?

till u die

How long does a man last before orgasuim?

between 14 and 17 seconds after vaginal penetration

How long does the vaginal bleeding last?

If the bleeding is lasting too long, check your blood pressure. There are medications to normalize menstruation abnormalities.

Should you use a tampon after a yeast infection?

As long as the yeast infection has cleared it is okay to wear a tampon. Bear in mind that tampons are a major cause of vaginal infections - they provide the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive, effect vaginal pH so effect vaginal flora, prevent vaginal cleaning, and many brands contain harmful chemicals. It is a better idea to consider safer more hygienic options such as menstrual cups or softcups.

How long does upper respiratory infection last?

An URI can last anywhere from one to two weeks usually.

How can you last long in bed?

Use a condom. It will cause less friction, so you will last longer.Masturbate before.Foreplay.

How long after having using yeast infection cream can you have vaginal intercourse?

After you finish the course of treatment completely and there are no longer any signs or symptoms. If you use a 1, 3, or 7 day treatment then wait until a complete 24 hours after the last treatment day to make sure the signs of infection are no longer present.

Is it safe to use tampons when treating BV if you start your period?

No, tampons shouldn't be worn if you have an infection.Tampons are a major cause of Bacterial Vaginosis - they provide bacteria with the perfect environment to multiply, effect vaginal pH, prevent vaginal cleaning, and many brands contain chemicals that effect vaginal flora - they can thus cause infection during menstruation and following menstruation due to long-term effect on pH balance. Using tampons when you already have an infection would potentially make the infection far worse, and significantly increase risk of TSS.

How long does a vaginal bleeding go away after miscarriage?

I last one whole week and doctor told me is normal...

How long do yeast infection last?

it usually clears up within 2 weeks.