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How long does an election campaign last in Canada?

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The minimum length of a campaign is 36 days. The maximum varies, however the Elections Act sets some restrictions and requirements.

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When was Australia's last election held?

The last federal election was held in Australia on August 21st, 2010, after a month long campaign, resulting in a Parliament with a mandate to serve until September 27th, 2013 (making the last possible date for the next election November 30th, 2013).

How long did the kokoda campaign last?

It started from "A" to "Z"

How long did the Gallipoli Campaign last?

God Knows!:)

How long can the prime minister of Canada be prime minister?

The Prime Minister of Canada remains in office as long as they are able to control the majority of votes in the Parliament. As of 2007, a law was passed fixing election dates to every 4 years, but the Prime Minister need not change after the election.

How long did Grant's campaign at Vicksburg last?

from December 26, 1862, to July 4, 1863

Are igloos in Canada?

there are some igloos in Canada, but people rarely live in them. They are mostly in the colder regions of Canada and they don't last too long.

How did obama feel when he was elected president?

excited He looked pretty happy, and probably more than a bit relieved that the long election campaign was finaly over.

Why are US presidential election campaigns so long?

They're so long because of the many stages in the campaign 1. invisible primary 2. primaries 3. national party convention 4. general election between final candidates 5. electoral college

How long does an election last?

It depends on the country. Feel free to re-ask your question with the missing information.

How long did the anzac war last?

There was no such thing as the ANZAC war. The ANZACs were involved in an entire campaign consisting of numerous battles, and the campaign lasted for eight months, from April until December.

How long did the battle at Kokoda last for?

the kokoda battle/campaign lasted just over 9 months in 1942 - 1943

How long did the battle for the Normandy last?

The Normandy Campaign is traditionally considered to have concluded with the liberation of Paris on Aug. 25, 1944.

Does orbit's or stride's flavor last the longest?

orbit because their whole campaign is saying its "ridicously long lasting flavor!"

How long can one party be in power in Canada?

A party can stay in power for any amount of time provided when an election is called they continue to be voted in.

How long does April Fools' Day last-in-Canada?

It lasts the whole day in Canada. Some people say this is not true , but April fools is ALL DAY!

How long is the ryders white campaign in Dead Island?

plz i want to get it but dont know if it is as long as the normal campaign because that would be long. Thx

Will you know who the new president is today?

Maybe. The last election took a very long time because of questions about some ballots.

What are the five steps in the election process?

There are more like 8 steps in the election process. They are:Candidates announce plans to run for officeCandidates campaign against candidates in their own party to win the primary electionPrimary elections are held; Republicans vote for the Republican candidate and Democrats vote for the DemocratEach party has their own week long convention to announce their candidates for President and Vice PresidentCandidates campaign against candidates of all political parties to win votes in the general electionThe people vote for President-actually voting for the group of electors in the General ElectionThe Electoral College casts its voteOn January 20 the President is sworn into office

Does Canada import or export lemons?

canada gets lemons imported to canada because we dont have enough lemons to last all year long since we only grow lemons in the summer.

How long does a president have before re-election?

About 4 years

How long do you have to live in Canada to be prime minister?

There is no residency requirement. The leader of a political party which obtains the most seats in an election becomes Prime Minister, so that person could have been in Canada for a day and became Prime Minister.

How can campaign be used in a sentence?

Their new advertising campaign starts on TV tomorrow night. The campaign on the western front was fought long and hard

How long did the Northwest Rebellion last?

The insurrection by the Metis in Canada lasted from March 26 to May 12, 1885.

How long is the campaign for president?

8 months

The Wilderness Campaign involved what three major battles?

I think you mean the Overland Campaign - of which the Wilderness was the first big battle. The other two were Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor, before they settled in for the long siege of Petersburg, which cost so many casualties that Lincoln wrote in his diary that he expected to lose the 1864 General Election.