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It is hard to say without treatment 3 months to 4 mts only or 6 at most but ultimately god shiva decides everything bec it is in his hand called moksha or freedom from death after death geeta chawla

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As with any cancer, the speed at which the cancer causes death depends on its rate of growth, its location and its tendency to spread to other sites.

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Q: How long does cancer take to kill a person?
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How long does cigarette cancer take to kill you?

They don't they are actually good for ur lungz

How long does it take for cancer to kill you?

No single answer is possible here. There are many different cancers, not all of them lethal.

If you don't realize you have cancer and don't seek any treatment how long would it take to kill you?

Itd depends on both where the cancer is attacking your body and what kind of cancer it is. Prostate cancer can take so many years to kill you that many will actually die before of something else before the cancer does. On the other hand cancers such as brain, pancreatic, or lung cancer can kill you much more quickly sometimes within a matter of weeks or months.

How long does it take for a person smoking marijuana to give you cancer?

Smoking marijuana doesn't give you cancer any faster than smoking cigarettes.

How long does a person need to be exposed to asbestors before he or she develops lung cancer?

There is no set amount of time it can take one day it can take 10 years each person reacts differently.

If you had skin cancer and didn't know or didn't seek treatment how long would it take to kill you?

i really dont know but u could ask a docter.

Can guilt kill a person?

Guilt can not just kill a person, gilt could make a person take their own lives.

If i have 60000 zombies how long will 2000 troops take to kill them?

It really depends on how long it will take to kill each one.

How fast can a gamma ray kill a person?

Well, firstly, a singular gamma ray cannot kill anyone because it is not at all ionizing. It would take years of high exposure to cause cancer, which would originate in the thyroid gland (throat

How much nicotine does it take to kill a person?

about 60mg

In World War I how long did it take chlorine gas to kill someone?

when you inhail the chlorine gas it will take about no more than a day or so to start feeling the effects of chlorine gas it will take at least 48 hours to kill

How long does it take for cholera to kill you?

It can take as little as a few hours.