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1. It doesnt take 7 years to digest.

2. It isn't harmful to digest.

3. It takes about 3 weeks to digest unlike other foods.

4. It is not as sticky on the inside of your body as when its in your mouth

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7 years

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Q: How long does chewing gum stay in your stomach?
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If you swallow your chewing gum does it stay in your stomache?

Chewing gum can stay in your stomach for up to 7 years

Does chewing gum stay in you stomach?

No it will come out the same as the rest of the food you ate.

How long will marijuana stay in your system if you are a casual smoker?

it stays there forever, a bit like how chewing gum stays in your stomach

Does chewing gum help you stay awake?

Yes, gum chewing helps you stay wake and alert at times in class.

Is a gumdrop actual chewing gum?

no it doesn't stay in your mouth for a long time!

Why do you get a bubble in the bottom of your stomach from chewing gum?

Because of the acid in the gum.

Is chewing gum bad for your stomach?

Yes it is. When you chew gum your stomach will make acid to digest the food, but you won't swallow the gum. Some people get six stomachs from chewing gum. It is best to chew gum after you eat a meal.

Why does gum get hard after chewing?

because you have been chewing the gum to long

How long does chewing gum stay undigested in your system?

if you swallow gum it could stay in there for about thrre to five years if your body doesn't dispose of it first.

Can chewing gum give you a sore stomach?


Is gum chewing un healthy for you?

As long as there is no sugar in it or plain chewing gum and I think 'no' anyway.

Would like a science project to do on chewing gum?

test on how long certain flavors last and how it actually prevents plaque and how the stomach cannot digest gum.

What is Spidge?

Chewing Gum. Chewing Gum. Chewing Gum.

Does chewing gum make your stomach bigger?

No it makes you blot instead.

What is chewing gum for?

So most people just chew gum for fun or because they like the flavors or something but chewing gum isn't all that good for you. So since you chew gum your stomach thinks there food coming but when it sees there is no food coming and your just chewing gum if will start eating away on acids in your stomach so it is ok to chew gum but not like every day!

How long has chewing gum been around for?

Chewing gum has been around for about 900 years now.

Did Santa Anna invent gum?

Yes , we learned about gum and began chewing it not long after a battle with Mexico where we saw him chewing gum

Swallowing chewing gum?

it doesn't reallly do anything you might have it in you stomach for a while but that is about it

What substances cannot be broken down by stomach acid?

Chewing gum.

What does chicle mean?

chewing gum chewing gum chewing gum chewing gum It is a sticky sap from a tree.Which is made for gum. It is a sticky sap from a tree.Which is made for gum.

Does chewing gum if swallowed make you vomit?

Chewing gum actually makes you hungrier, because you are tricking your stomach into thinking its ready to digest. I don't think chewing gum can make most people vomit, but with sensitive stomachs, it is highly possible.

Why cannot eat chewing gum?

Because if you eat it, it cannot be digested so it will stay in your stomach and will stick all the er food together, causing indigestion.

Does chewing gum burn calories?

chewing gum does burn calories. burning more calories calories than the gum has depends on how many colories the gum has and how long you chew it.

What are the kosher chewing gum brands?

I was looking for it as well, and came up with `ELITE` chewing gum brand as Kosher. Elite Must chewing gum is pretty good with nice and long-stand flavor..

What is the popularity of the best chewing gum?

5 gum is currently the most popular chewing gum, ranked as #1 as 47.8% of gum chewers prefer this gum due to its long lasting and delicious flavors.

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If you swallow your chewing gum does it stay in your stomache?

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