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Where does this person want the relationship to go. If they want a casual companionship than dating and doing things together is where it will go. If they want something more serious then they need to talk to the other person involved to see if they are on the same level. I dont know if there is a specific time frame for a person of any age to know their true feelings. It could be love at first sight or it could take time. Does this person find themselves thinking about the other person constantly. Does this person like to do nice things for the other person. Does the other person mean alot to this 50 year old gentleman. Alot of things go into considering feelings. A very lonely desperate person of any age, could cling to someone quickly if they misread signals. The best thing for anyone is to ask the other person their feelings and where they see the relationship going. This will give a gauge of how much and what to invest, so to speak in the person and the relationship.

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If this guy is in a relationship and you have feelings for him what do you do?

tell him how you feel... that's all you can do... being rude and talking about his girlfriend isn't going to get you anywhere.

What should you do if you are in a relationship that's not going anywhere and you are tired of waiting for him to wake up?

You've got to tell him your feelings and thoughts about the relationship as he's probably not aware of it. It's always best to get things out in the open and you'll get to hear about his feelings and thoughts to the situation as well. Happy to help Kailey

Why the examination of relationship is so important?

Its important because is good to know where you guys are at, if its going anywhere

What are the importance of having a good family relationship?

I would say if you are not going to put the effort into making a good family relationship with your siblings or parents it isn't going to go anywhere. The bond between your family and you is going to weaken. Putting the effort into making a good family relationship is finding that joy and love to be with them and balancing out time for everyone. I think importance of having a good family relationship is based on how YOU feel personally wiith them? How do you feel about your family? Are they of great importance or small, cause its based around how you feel? Do you feel like you have a good, bad or great bond with them? How does those feelings affect you and your perspective on them?

Are a man's feelings valid in marriage?

If the relationship is to be successful and the partners are going to love each other for an elongated time then yes, the male components feelings are vaild. If you think other wise then you are either naive or in an unsuccessful marriage that is going nowhere and will soon hit the rock.

What do you do if the guy you like ask you out but your too shy?

Say yes. Shyness is not going to get you anywhere. If you like him, what harm can there be in going out with him when he asks? Right now you can hardly be any less in a relationship with him. By agreeing to go on a date with him, you at least open the potential of a relationship.

How does somebody tell they boyfriend of 10 months that they want to break up with you?

just tell them your feelings, have a reason too break up with them, here are a few: you are too busy with the rest of your life and dont have enough free time for them, you dont think the relationship is going anywhere, you feel trapped when you are with them

Is it right to break up after marriage ultimatum?

What's the point of staying in the relationship if it isn't going anywhere? Better to cut loose and find someone interested in a long term relationship.

What does the term Brackish mean when used interjected to a romantic relationship?

Brackish is a quality normally associated with stagnant water, so that would be a statement that a relationship is stagnating, which is to say, not going anywhere.

Your girlfriend and you seem to have little in common you have few intelligent conversations The Lovey-dovey stuff is basically over should you stay in this relationship?

No you should not stay in this relationship because it's not going anywhere. But you should break up with them like this "I dont think this relationship is going anywhere...I think we should just stay friends." And ACTUALLY stay friends. But dont get any closer than that. Good luck!

What does it mean when your girlfriend says that she wants to breakup with you because the relationship is going to fast and it might be better if you stay friends but you have strong feelings for her?

If she says that the relationship is going too fast and that she just wants to be friends...well there really isn't much to it. You may have strong feelings for her, but it's not that way for her. She sees you as too good of a friend to be intimate with, and that it would be awkward to go any further, which you might have been trying to, as implied by "relationship is going too fast". But then again, maybe she's just having a moment in the relationship where she questions it. the best thing to do is not to anger her in anyway. Respect her descision, whatever it may be.

How do you ask a girl if your friendship with her is going anywhere and will ever become a relationship?

Take a good look at the friendship and try to find any signs if it can become a relationship, if you find any, then you should ask her flat out.

What does it mean when he says i love you but i am not in love with you but yet he keeps talking about how he is not going anywhere and he is always talking about things in the future?

It can mean that he cares about you, but maybe not the the extent of a relationship. Confusing i know, but something to consider is if he does have an attitude of not going anywhere, maybe you should find someone with a future who can support you.

What do you do when you have a boyfriend but you are in love with another boy?

tell your boyfriend that you are sorry but you have feelings for someone else and you don't think the relationship is going to work out true u go girl

Should you let your bf to touch your breast?

Yes! Your bf would absolutely love this! Your relationship never going to go anywhere without a boob touch

What are Bilbo's feelings as he and his friends set off for Lonely mountain?

Bilbo's feelings were that he feared that he was going to get hurt and he was worried about what was going to happen also scared about what is going to be reveled

My friend and this guy have an on and off relationship and i like the guy but i feel like the same things going to happen with me Advice?

Listen to your feelings. If he behaves this way with your friend, why would he act any different with you ? Also, will you have a friend if you are the other woman in their relationship ?

What do you do if a man has no feelings for you anymore?

If a man has told you he has no feelings for you any longer he may have said it out of anger or he may be confused in the relationship and good communication skills are a must in a situation such as this. See if he will sit down alone and talk with you and ask him if he is sure the relationship is over and why. If he says the relationship is over even if you are not convinced it is then you have to be strong and do the breaking up and walk away from the relationship. He may just need time to be away from you (head space) or, he may be honest about his feelings and wants to be free and not committed to a relationship. Remember that their of thousands of other people out in the world that are going through the same thing as you are. Time does heal and sometime in your future you will meet the true person you should be with.

What should you do when she says the relationship is going too fast?

Slow down and respect her feelings if you really care about her, if you're just in it for the sex, just end it now break up.

What if you like a girl who is going out with someone else?

It's normal to be attracted to someone who already is in a relationship, but don't act on those feelings (seeking them out, flirting) until they are single again.

Is Sakura going to like Naruto and Naruto isn't going to screw up?

Actually Sakura does start to have feelings for Naruto but as time goes on he starts to realize that he and Sakura have more of a bro and sis relationship than a romantic one.

How do you know if your relationship is going anywhere?

You both are trying to make an effort to stay with each other:. Working things out, trying not to cause arguments, being honest,etc. If your relationship isn't going anywhere then your bf/gf is insensitive, lies alot, isn't romantic or doesn't say sweet things, basically just doesn't really care what you do or says things that hurt you. Well at least that's what I think.

Is Tulisa's relationship on the rocks?

No her relationship is going fine.

What if im going out with a guy and his feelings are just friend feelings?

then maybe you should be just friends

What does it mean when your boyfriend breaks up with you saying he loves you but doesn't want a relationship?

It either means one of two things: 1) he loves you but doesn't wish to be in a relationship now, or 2) he's lying to spare your feelings. Perhaps he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you, because he wants to see other girls or because he doesn't see your relationship going anywhere. Or perhaps he has developed strong feelings for you that make him feel vulnerable, especially if either one of you will be heading off to college one day, perhaps soon. With more kids going away to college -- especially girls, who now outnumber boys on campuses by a margin of 3 to 2 -- high-school relationships now often end in heartbreak for someone. In today's world, almost no one has a long-term relationship with anyone he or she dated in high school. So kids should be very wary about getting in too deep in high school.

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