How long does it take a 50-year-man to know his feelings and if the relationship is going anywhere?

Where does this person want the relationship to go. If they want a casual companionship than dating and doing things together is where it will go. If they want something more serious then they need to talk to the other person involved to see if they are on the same level. I dont know if there is a specific time frame for a person of any age to know their true feelings. It could be love at first sight or it could take time. Does this person find themselves thinking about the other person constantly. Does this person like to do nice things for the other person. Does the other person mean alot to this 50 year old gentleman. Alot of things go into considering feelings. A very lonely desperate person of any age, could cling to someone quickly if they misread signals. The best thing for anyone is to ask the other person their feelings and where they see the relationship going. This will give a gauge of how much and what to invest, so to speak in the person and the relationship.