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We still don't know how much time is required. Were still counting. We do know that it is well in excess of 50 years. 50 year old recognizable Hot Dogs and readable news papers have been unearthed from low tech. land fills so, steel cans will remain in our landfills for a long time.

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Q: How long does it take a steel can to break down in a landfill?
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How long do styrofoam cups last?

Styrofoam cups last in the landfill for hundreds of years. Paper cups break down much faster. Paper would only last for a month.

How long it takes for a sock to break down?

A cotton or woolen sock (natural fibres) will break down in a warm moist landfill in a matter of weeks. A sock made of man-made fibres (rayon, nylon etc) will really never break down. It may break into tiny pieces (which animals and insects may eat) but it will still remain rayon and nylon etc for ever. (It is possible that a chemical reaction, or radiation from the sun, may change its composition.)

How long does it take for old pens to break down?

Once a pen is used and tossed into landfill, it could take up to 50,000 years to decompose, which is staggering considering over 14 million pens are bought worldwide, each day. :(

How long does it take for a green bag to break down?

it takes 20 years approximetly to break down.

Will glass stay in a landfill FOREVER?

not forever, but for a long time. glass can be broken down as it has sand and other minerals in it. so in answer to your question, no.

How long does it take for a tire to decompose in a landfill?

Hundreds to thousands of years depending on the type plastic

If you have gas contaminated with water in your vehicle how long will it take to break down?

The water will not ever break down. You will need to remove it.

How long will a soccer ball last in a landfill?

depends of what its made of and whats in the landfill but maybe a year before it decomposes

How long does Glasses take to break down?


How long does it take for a can to break down?

50 years!!!!

How long do tin cans take to go away?

Tin cans (tin coated steel cans) will rust away within a few years if exposed to moisture, On camping trips it is common to toss empty cans in the fire to remove protective paint or plastic which protects the metal from oxidation to hasten the process. In dry conditions they can last for many decades.

Make a sentence on the phrase to break down?

Plastic takes a long time to break down.