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24 hr 50 mins

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Q: How long does it take for all areas of the ocean to pass under the moon?
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What moon has a frozen ocean?

Europa, a moon of Jupiter, has a frozen surface with the possibility of a liquid ocean under the surface.

Moon on Jupiter possibly contains a liquid ocean under its surface?

That moon iscalledEuropa.

Does earth's moon have an ocean?

There is no water on the moon because there is no oxygen or hydrogen. Ocean may refer to the large areas on the surface that are significantly lower than the surrounding surfaces

What is the name of the moon of Jupiter that possibly contains a liquid ocean under its surface?

Europa is the moon of Jupiter which contains liquid ocean or H2o

What is name of the Moon of Jupiter that contains a liquid ocean?

Europa possibly, has a liquid ocean under the surface ice.

Which planet has a moon with a possible ocean water under a crust of ice?

Jupiter's moons - Europa and Ganymede possibly have oceans of liquid water under their crust. Saturn's moon - Enceladus also has a possible ocean of water under it's crust.

Moon of Jupiter possibly contains a liquid ocean under its surface?


What moon had an ocean of liquid water beneath it?

Saturns moon Titan has water under ice as well as one of Jupiter's moon Europa

Is ocean tides non reneable?

Ocean tides will continue as long as the earth, moon and sun exists.

Do any other planets in the solar system have an ocean?

Apart from Earth, there are no other "known" planets with an ocean. However, there is a good chance than a moon of Jupiter - Europa may have an ocean under it's crust, and Titan - a moon of Saturn - HAS an ocean of ... methane.

What are several causes of surface ocean currents?

The moon particularly takes place in ocean as long as for the way to are the oceans are winding.

What are correct about the moonathe moon is closet to the earth bmost of the moon surface is covered by rocks with high water contents the maria are ocean areas?

Neither the Earth nor the Moon orbit each other