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long enough

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100 years

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Q: How long does it take for xbox 360 to decompose?
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How long does it take to charge an xbox 360 4800Mah?

about a hour

How long does it take to charge a Xbox 360 controller?

90 minutes

How long does it take to first charge an xbox 360 controller?

About 90mins

How long can Xbox 360 be left on?

You can leave your Xbox 360 on as long as you want. But doing this make your Xbox overheat.

How long does it take to download GTA san Andreas on xbox 360?

It depends if your xbox is fast or slow!

Can you get live on a Xbox 360 or a Xbox 360 slim?

As long as you have an internet connection, you can get xbox live on a 360 or a slim.

Which is better Xbox 360 or a laptop?

xbox 360 by a long shoot

How long does it take a Xbox 360 to arrive to Isle of man?

223 years ;)

How do can you take a screenshot on Xbox 360?

You Can Use An Xbox 360 Capture Card

How do you take out an Xbox 360 game from a unplugged Xbox 360?

No sorry, you can't

Can you turn a xBox to a xBox 360?

No. You can trade in your xbox for whatever they will take and save money to combine until you get a 360, but you can not turn a regular xbox into a 360.

Can you take out an xbox 360 hard drive for another xbox 360?

with the old 360's, yes.