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It depends on two issues. First, how long does it take each party to determine how many votes they still have to have and how long will it take them to do that. Second, if the election remains close nonetheless, there may be a recount which can take months.

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How long after the 2000 presidential election was the winner declared?

5 Weeks

How long must be there be between general UK election?

There must be a general election at least every 5 years. However the Queen can give an election before this time is up.

How long before the next general election?

MAY 2015

What age can you vote in a general election in England?

18, as long as you are registered.

How long is the president's term in Spain?

There is a general election every 4 years.

Who decides when a British General Election takes place?

Under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act (2011), a general election must occur five years after the previous election. Before the act, the Prime Minister decided on the date, as long as it was no longer than five years after the previous election.

How long does Spain's president serve?

Spain has a national general election every four years.

Which state's electoral votes have always been necessary for a republican president?

The only state that has been carried by every Republican winner of a U. S. Presidential Election is Ohio. In addition, North Dakota, Arizona and Alaska have been carried by every Republican Presidential election winner for as long as they have been states.

How long is a term for president in the uninted kingdom?

The UK doesn't have a president, it has a Prime Minister. There has to be a general election within five years but the same people can stand for re-election.

Can you vote in General election if you didnt vote in Primary in the state of CA?

yes, as long as you are registered to vote before the deadline

How long was George B McClellan an Army General?

Only about two years. Then he quit to run against Lincoln in the 1864 election.

Why are US presidential election campaigns so long?

They're so long because of the many stages in the campaign 1. invisible primary 2. primaries 3. national party convention 4. general election between final candidates 5. electoral college

When do UK prime minsters change?

Theoretically - they change every time there is a General election. However - So long as their party is re-elected, and they don't resign their seat as an MP, If they're still the party leader, and their party is re-elected at a General election - they could be Prime minister for many years.

How long does a president have before re-election?

About 4 years

How long have Fianna Fail been in power?

Currently, in January 2012, Fianna Fáil are not in power. They lost the February 2011 general election in Ireland.

Can a person vote in the general election without voting in the primary?

Yes, as long as you are a registered voter. In some states, you will now be asked to show a photo-ID before you are allowed to cast your ballot; but if you did in fact register and you are on the list of eligible voters, you may show up to vote in the general election, even if you missed the primary.

How long has the mockingbird been a state bird?

The Tennessee General Assembly designated the mockingbird as the state bird in 1933. It was selected in an election conducted by the Tennessee Ornithological Society.

The winners of the battle of long island?

The winner of the Battle of the Long Island was the British.

How long after election does the installation of the pope happen?

Within 72 hours of the election Answered by Louis

How long has David Cameron bee prime minister for?

Since the General Election of 11th May 2010, when he came to office in coalition with the Liberal Democrats after the Labour Party was defeated.

What are the five steps in the election process?

There are more like 8 steps in the election process. They are:Candidates announce plans to run for officeCandidates campaign against candidates in their own party to win the primary electionPrimary elections are held; Republicans vote for the Republican candidate and Democrats vote for the DemocratEach party has their own week long convention to announce their candidates for President and Vice PresidentCandidates campaign against candidates of all political parties to win votes in the general electionThe people vote for President-actually voting for the group of electors in the General ElectionThe Electoral College casts its voteOn January 20 the President is sworn into office

How long can the governor general stay in office?

There is no formal term limit - it's "at the Queen's pleasure" - but they conventionally serve between 3 and 4 yrs at the 5 yr they have to have another election

How long does it take for us to elect your president?

In the United States, presidential elections take place on the first Tuesday in November. The polls are only open for one day except for absentee ballots which may be submitted earlier. In some cities and towns, early voting is allowed at the courthouse for a few days before the election. After Election Day, it sometimes takes several days or even weeks to determine who is the winner of the election.

How long winner keeps world cup and how much they will receive return to the worldcup?

The winner is allowed to keep it for a short time , but it has to be returned back to F.I.F.A. The winner will get 30 million dollars.

Long jump winner in last olympic?

Irving Saladino