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It takes about 4 to 6 months to get to Toronto Canada

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It takes about 20 hours to drive from Detroit, Michigan to Sarasota, Florida.

The drive time from Fort Myers, Florida to Sarasota, Florida is:1 hour 28 minutes

The direct distance between Venice, Florida and Sarasota, Florida is 18 miles (29 km).The drive from Venice to Sarasota is 19.0 mi - about 34 mins.

how long a drive from Toronto Canada to berkshire mountain area in Massachusetts

It takes from 2 hours to 2 hours 23 minutes to drive from Orlando, Florida to Sarasota, Florida. The driving distance is 131.5 miles.

There is approximately 372 miles between Sarasota, Florida and Key West, Florida. It would about 7 hours to drive in a car.

There is no coco beach florida, but if you wanted to drive from Sarasota Fl to Cocoa Beach it would take be 180.8 miles and driving time would be 2 hrs and 50 minutes.

The distance from Sarasota, Florida to Lakeland, Florida is 82.3 miles. The drive takes from 1 hour 18 minutes to 1 hour 26 minutes, depending on traffic.

Jacksonville to Toronto is 19-20 hours Miami to Vancouver is 53-54 hours

MapQuest estimates the driiving time as 21 hours and 10 minutes.

If you drive straight through, I would say about 27-28 hours.

The drive time from Washington, District of Columbia to Sarasota, Florida is: 15 hours, 10 minutes

Sarasota to Fort Myers is 76.54 miles and would take 1 hour and 19 minutes to drive. [Source: Mapquest]

There are 1,236 miles between Toronto, ON, Canada and Panama City, FL. The driving time is roughly 19 hours 5 minutes.

Its a total of 23 hrs to drive from Toronto,Canada to Miami,Florida so find the city thats 11.5 hrs approximately away from toronto. I think you would be driving to at least west virginia or virginia ,usa. That drive is about 12 hours.

MapQuest estimates the driving time as 2 hours and 9 minutes.

MapQuest gives the estimated driving time as 53 minutes.

17 hours to drive from Toronto to prince edward island

I takes about 1 hour and 54 minutes to drive from Buffalo,NY to Toronto,Ontario,Canada.

It is 1,647 miles and an estimated 30 driving hours according to Google Maps.

Google Maps estimates the driving time as 1 hour and 6 minutes.

From Toronto, ON, Canada to Quebec, QC, Canada it is about 499.95 miles, which can take about 8 hrs and 45 minutes to drive.