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How long does it take to fix a intake manifold gasket?


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2009-04-06 04:06:07
2009-04-06 04:06:07

It would be wise to replace the intake gasket with a new one than to try to fix the old one. How long it would take to replace the gasket would depend on the model, year and engine type you have.

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It should take about an hour to change the intake manifold gasket. This part can be replaced by taking off the intake manifold cover, cleaning the old gasket off and sealing a new gasket in the space and tightening the bolts. When other things are in the way, like the alternator, it will take longer.

The starter is located under the intake manifold, and you will have to remove the intake manifold to get to it. Do not forget to buy a intake gasket before you take it off, because they always fall apart when you take the intake manifold off.

Depends entirely on the year and fuel system. You did not provide that info.

Several manufacturers built 3800. Without that information no answer can be given

The only way to get to the intake manifold gasket is to take the head off. I'm working on it right now and so far that is all i can say

depends on the mechanic, should only take like an hour at most.

The year, engine size and if it is the intake manifold or an exhaust manifold gaskets would help.

if its a v6 and you take your time. it takes about 6-8 hours, depending on how fast you work !

You shouldn't need to take off the intake manifold at all so, to answer your question, no. However, if it the exhaust manifold you mean, the answer is still no. It should be a multi-layered metal gasket and the only reason to replace any gasket is because it is damaged.

Not sure what an XTL is, but usually when spark plugs are under an intake you should remove the intake to replace them. Don't forget to buy a new intake manifold gasket BEFORE you take the car apart.

Between the head and the block. First, remove intake manifold and exhaust manifold. Take the valve cover off and unbolt the head. Then, pull the head off and you'll see the gasket.

my grand am had an engine knocking noise. it was the intake manifold gasket was going bad. it was leaking coolant into my oil. look at your oil to see if it is a white milky color. if it is then you need a new manifold gasket which sucks. it takes a long time to do by yourself. or you can take it to a place that charges you $1000 to do. but if you can. do it yourself

you need to take the intake maniflod off, and the 2 screws on the back of the manifold. total time 2.5 hours, replace intake gasket or reseal it...

I'll assume Lower Intake Gasket, since they tend to cause vacuum leaks. Get a manual from Autozone and expect about 4 hrs labor, you need to take off the upper intake manifold just to replace the Lower Intake Gasket. Probably should change/clean the PCV valve while ur in there. Good luck, man.

You take off the carburater and the intake. Clean the old gasket off and install the new one.

You have to replace the gasket because when you take the manifold off it brakes the seel and air will be sucked into the manifold and your vehicle will hardly run, and you wont be able to drive it You have to replace the gasket because when you take the manifold off it brakes the seel and air will be sucked into the manifold and your vehicle will hardly run, and you wont be able to drive it

how to replace intake manifold for 1994 ford falcon ED

It's probably the intake manifold gasket gone bad. Not uncommon.

There is no bottom head gasket. There is just a head gasket. One gasket for each head. The intake and exhaust manifold must be removed. Then the head is removed. This is a major repair, requiring skill, knowledge, and the proper tools. Take it to a professional.

Remove the intake manifold and take it to a welding shop that works with aluminum. Let them determine if it can be saved or not.

The intake manifold is underneath the plastic silver cover held down by four nuts. Take it off and you'll find the intake manifold - also plastic. Even more unusual, the starter is underneath the intake manifold!

Unbolts the (2) 12mm bolts from the back of the Intake Manifold (next to the TB), take off and replace it with new gasket.

Take the intake as well as all hoses and lines off of the top of the engine. Remove the valve cover gasket. Unbolt the exhaust manifold. Unbolt the head and remove. Replace the gasket, then reverse the procedure to finish the installation.

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