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Greetings! Since you didn't specify specific nearby airport codes, here is a general response, courtesy of : Flight Time Calculator Origin Airport Name Toronto Downtown CA Destination Airport Name Tokyo Narita JP Choose Aircraft: jet Block Time : 14:23 Flight Time : 14:08 Taxi in & Taxi out : 00:15 Mileage : 6,419 Km : 10,328 Nautical Miles (NM) : 5,582 ESAD Miles : 6,986 ESAD Km : 11,241 ESAD Nm : 6,075 Have a safe flight!

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2006-04-23 10:10:24
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Q: How long does it take to get from Toronto Ontario Canada to Tokyo Japan?
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How many air miles needed for the ticket from Toronto Canada to Tokyo Japan?

Air miles from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Tokyo, Honshu island, Japan total 6,445. That is 10,373 kilometers. That is 5,601 nautical miles.

How far is Japan to Canada?

Tokyo, Japan to Toronto, Canada is 6407 miles or 10311 Km.

International Cities that start with T?

· Taipei, Taiwan · Tangier, Morocco · Tehran, Iran · Tokyo, Japan · Toronto, Ontario, Canada · Tripoli, Libya

What is the distance from Tokyo Japan to Toronto Canada in kilometers?

approximately 19,200 km

What is the distance from Tokyo Japan to Toronto Canada?

Answer6500 miles and 8550 kilometers!!

What is the air mileage from Toronto Canada to Tokyo Japan?

Six thousand four hundred forty-six (6,446) is the air mileage from Toronto, Canada, to Tokyo, Japan. That equals 10,373 kilometers or 5,601 nautical miles.

How do you fly from Trinidad to Tokyo?

You first have to fly to Toronto, Canada then to Vancouver, Canada Then to Tokyo, or to Miami, USA to Seattle, USA then to Tokyo.

What is the distance between Victoria Canada and Tokyo Japan?

The flight distance from Tokyo, Japan to Victoria, Canada is: 4,722 miles / 7,600 km

What city or state starts with the letter t?

Texas and Tennessee are states. Tokyo Japan, Tehran Iran, Tripoli Libya and Toronto Canada are cities.

Is Toronto the biggest city in the world?

Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, but Tokyo is the biggest city in the world.

How many miles is it from Vancouver Canada to Tokyo Japan?

To where?

What is the distance between Japan and Canada?

The distance between Tokyo,Japan and Gem,Canada is 5035.39m and 8103.68km

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