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According to, A typical flight between Sydney and Bangkok would have a flying time of about 9 hours, 21 minutes. This assumes an average air speed for a commercial airliner of 500 mph, which is equivalent to 805 km/hr or 434 knots.

Assuming the same things as above, a flight from Perth to Bangkok would take about 7 hours and 17 minutes.

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Q: How long does it take to travel from Perth Australia to Bangkok Thailand?
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What is the distance between Perth and Bangkok?

The flight distance from Bangkok, Thailand to Perth, Australia is: 3,301 miles / 5,313 km

What is the time difference between Perth and Bangkok Thailand?

Perth is 1 hr. ahead of Thailand.

How long does it take to fly from Bangkok to Perth in Australia?

By aircraft?

How long is a flight from Perth to Nepal?

There are no nonstop flights from Perth in Western Australia to Kathmandu in Nepal. Singapore Airlines/Silk Air, Thai Airways are the best to go from Perth to Kathamndu and vice-versa. The flight times are:Perth - Singapore - ~ 5hrsSingapore- Kathmandu ~ 5hrsPerth - Bangkok- ~ 7hrsBangkok- Kathmandu ~ 3hrs

What is the difference between Thailand and Australia?

The TIME difference is 3 hours. Bangkok is 3 hours behind Sydney, but only 1 hour behind Perth. The OTHER differences are too many to count, and would need more specific questions.

How long does it to drive between Perth Australia to Kalgoorlie Australia?

The distance between Perth and Kalgoorlie is 593 km. Travel time is an estimated 5.5 hours.

How long does it to drive between Perth Australia to Albany Australia?

The quickest way to travel from Perth to Albany, Western Australia is along the Albany Highway, via Kojonup. This is a journey of 416km and takes just over 5 hours to travel.

What is the flying time between Bangkok and Perth?

5-6 hours The average flight time from Perth to Bangkok is 7 Hours 20 Mins.

How long does it take to travel from Moscow to Australia?

Flight:Moscow (MOW) to Sydney (SYD)Flight Duration * 24 hours 40 mins * Via Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Apt, Bangkok (BKK)Moscow (MOW) to Perth (PER)Flight Duration * 19 hours 20 mins * Via Dubai, Dubai (DXB)Distance:The distance between Moscow and Sydney, Australia is 9005 miles (14493 km).The distance between Moscow and Perth, Australia is 7584 miles (12205 km).

Can you travel from Perth to Darwin via South Australia?

Yes. From Perth, one can travel along the Eyre Highway to Port Augusta, South Australia. Then one can take the Stuart Highway north to Darwin.Alternatvely, one can take the Indian Pacific train from Perth to Adelaide, South Australia, then catch the Ghan North to Darwin.

What is the distance from Perth Australia to Margaret River Australia?

From Perth, Western Australia to Margaret River is a distance of 285 km, or 177 miles, depending upon one's departure point in Perth. Travel time is an estimated 2 hours 50 minutes.

What is the distance from Perth to Carnarvon?

The distance from Perth to Carnarvon, Western Australia, is 903km. Road travel time is an estmated 11 hours.

What region of Australia is perth in?

The region of Australia that Perth is in is Western Australia.

How far is Perth to Mt Gambier?

Perth, Western Australia to Mount Gambier, South Australia, is a distance of 3,134 km. Travel time is about 38 hours (non-stop).

Is the continent of Australia Perth?

No, Perth is a city in Australia.

What is the mileage between Perth Australia and Exmouth Australia?

The distance by road between Perth, Western Australia and Exmouth is around 1260 km, or 782 miles. It takes about 15 hours to travel, non-stop.

How long does it take to travel from Pakistan to Perth?

A one way flight from Islamabad, Pakistan to Perth, Australia will take approximately 11 hours.

How long does it take to travel from Perth Australia to Geraldton Australia by bus?

Geraldton is located 424 kilometres north of Perth. From Perth By car is approximately-------------------------------5 hours. By bus, Grey Hound or Transwa --------------------5 hours. By plane--------------------------------------------------2hours. ----

How many miles are between Perth Australia and Fremantle Australia?

The distance between Perth and Fremantle in Western Australia is 11.37 miles if you travel via Stirling Hwy and the journey should take approximately 31 minutes.

Are you allowed ferrets in Perth?

Perth, Australia? yes you can own a ferret in Perth. but you just can't have them imported to Australia. There are two cities for Perth - Australia and Scotland UK

Where is Perth?

Perth is in the south of Western Australia, try google map online to find the exact location and travel details if you want. Hope this helps

Is Perth in Australia a province?

No. Perth is the capital city of Western Australia.

What is the price to travel from Perth Australia to Geraldton Australia by bus?

The Western Australia Public Transport Authority quotes the fare between Perth and Geraldton as being $59.40, one way. See the related link for timetabling and fares.

Distance of Coventry to Perth?

Perth, Scotland or Perth Australia?

Is Perth in Asia?

No. Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. Australia is not in Asia. The city was named after Perth in Scotland.