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For just a very few it can last for a lifetime. Normally, once a year or two of marriage goes by, we are hit in the face with reality. The fireworks may stop blasting off, but a new type of love takes it's place. A feeling of calmness (in most cases) and someone you can share your inner most feelings with. There is still the laughter, fun with each other, family and friends and always dreams of the future to share with each other. You don't feel alone in the world .. in fact, you feel like you can conquer the world. Then the children come along and sometimes the couple may not have all that much time for each other, but smart couples work at it and take one day out of that week for just themselves. It can be done! I've seen old people that have been married for over 60 years infatuated with each other. Infactuation doesn't mean just great sex, but a secret inside each other's soul ... again, that calmness, a feeling of almost smugness because the couple has something many people never experience ... loyalty, a new kind of love, honesty and devotion. Life is a real twist and it sure keeps you on your toes. Psychologists say 3 to 18 months. They contend that after 18 months, if things go well, it develops into a less intense, but richer 'companionate love.' Check out a Developmental Psychology textbook that covers the entire lifespan. Psychiatry/Psychology is not an exact science so you can't go by everything they say. I've been married for 35 years and wouldn't it be nice if these doctors took a survery of long-time marriages and come up with something more than 3 -18 months! Recent research has shown, through the usage of fMRI, that infatuation in some people can last well over 25 years.

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Q: How long does that feeling of infatuation last?
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