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How long does the process for the emancipation of a minor take?

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there is no longer the ability to emancipate a child before the age of 18 ,a parent is responsible for that child until the age of 18..check with your local children's services dept. and i am sure they will tell you the date this became effective.

Only a few US states allow a minor to petition for emancipation rights.

The terms are established by the laws of the resident state.

The length of time for adjudication process depends upon the court schedule, the number of pending cases and the presiding judge.

Emancipation of minors is rarely granted in any state.

2011-09-13 00:46:35
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Q: How long does the process for the emancipation of a minor take?
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How long does the process for the emancipation of a minor take in New Jersey?

Unti the youth reaches the age of 18. There is no emancipation in New Jersey. So there isn't any time frame to get through the process. actually when you are 16 you can be emancipated.... you need to go to court with yoour parents/ parent and they have to agree but it might take a lot of time

How long does it take to be emancipated?

There is no definitive answer to the question, as many states do not have emancipation of minor procedures, others grant emancipation only when it concerns specific health or custodial issues. Those states which have established laws for the process adjudicate cases on individual merit. There are not laws in any state which mandate the emancipation of a minor to be granted without reservations or disallow the decision to be made at the complete discretion of the presiding judge.

How long did it take for the emancipation proclamtion?

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Can a minor be emancipated if another family member can take care of them?

In order for a minor to be emancipated, they have to show proof that they can provide for thierself. If another family member is caring for them, then they do not qualify for emancipation.

In the state of Florida can you file for emancipation how long does it take what is the procedures do you have freedom as such an 18 yr old would finally what is the restrictions and conditions?

Check Florida statutes, chapter 743 for information about minor emancipation, which is called 'removal of disabilities of nonage'. Please note that the statute states: "A circuit court has jurisdiction to remove the disabilities of nonage of a minor age 16 or older residing in this state UPON A PETITION FILED BY THE MINOR

Does a minor become emancipated if she becomes pregnant at age 15 in the state of Tennessee?

Of course not! Emancipation is for those that are responsible and able to take care of themselves. Getting pregnant at 15 does not show that. And Tennessee does not have an emancipation statute.

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What does it take for a teenager in Alabama to become emancipated?

Alabama does not have an emancipation statute. However, an 18 year old can be relieved of the disabilities of being a minor.

In Florida how much does it cost to get emancipated and how long does it take?

Every county in every state charges different amounts for filing fees when a minor files for emancipation. You will only have to pay the filing fees and court costs if you do not use an attorney.

What are the criteria for emancipation to be granted?

Each state sets their own laws. In general, they want to prevent the minor from becoming a ward of the state. So the minor will have to show they can take care of themselves financially as well as physically.

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Your parents wouldn't let you get emancipated being 16 in Oregon how can you without their consent?

You probably can't. 419B.558 Entry of judgment of emancipation. (1) The juvenile court in its discretion may enter a judgment of emancipation where the minor is at least 16 years of age and the court finds that the best interests of the minor will be served by emancipation. In making its determination, the court shall take into consideration the following factors: (a) Whether the parent of the minor consents to the proposed emancipation; (b) Whether the minor has been living away from the family home and is substantially able to be self-maintained and self-supported without parental guidance and supervision; and (c) Whether the minor can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the court that the minor is sufficiently mature and knowledgeable to manage the minor

How does a minor get emancipated in Indiana?

The state does not have an emancipation status. Emancipation cases are accepted on individual basis, however, very seldom does the court grant early emancipation rights to a minor. Here's a link with some info on emancipation in Indiana: I also found this link, which I thought was interesting, and from what I've heard from other people (attorneys, court officials, etc), it's accurate in the regard that emancipation is actually a rare thing (which is not to say that it doesn't occur): BEGIN QUOTE: Subject:Minor Emancipation Question I know you practice law in Indiana, but I am trying to find out what age a minor has to be to petition for emancipation in Kentucky. I've searched the Kentucky Revised Statutes. Any ideas where I can look to find the minimum age? Answer I don't think there is a minimum age to file for emancipation. YOu file if you are younger than 18. What you have to show is a plan for living, a plan for supporting yourself and employment. It is a VERY rare thing, VERY. In the 12 years I have practiced I have never seen it done. It is done for professional athletes, like ice skater, etc. It is a very rare thing for a normal, average citizen. Denise F. Hayden Attorney at Law Indianapolis IN USA END QUOTE The state does not have grounds nor procedures for the emancipation of a minor. Indiana Family Services investigate reported cases of child abuse and/or neglect and take the appropriate action needed. Emancipation of a minor is only allowed for the purpose of said minor receiving medical care or in some cases for a pregnant minor to be eligible for public assistance. In such cases the minor will be under the supervision of the division of state social services.

Can underage and pregnant teens move out without a parents permission?

No, being pregnant does not create an emancipation situation. It just shows that the minor cannot take care of themselves.

Is it legal for children to divorce their parents?

A divorce is the legal dissolution of a legal marriage. In some places there are laws that allow a minor to legally separate from the control of their parents. It is called emancipation. In most cases the minor has to be at least 16 and be able to show that they have the ability to take care of themselves both mentally and financially. About half the states have statutes that permit emancipation.

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How do you start the process of being emancipated at the age of seventeen?

{| |- | Emancipation is available in about half the states of the US. The laws vary in the states that allow it. They must show that they can take care of themselve financially and not be a burden on the state. Not having a job or money will make this very difficult. The minor must also show that they are responsible and can take care of themselves in any situation. |}

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Can a minor be emancipated in the state of Tennessee without being married or pregnant?

There is emancipation statute in Tennessee. And your ability to get pregnant doesn't mean that you can take care of yourself. Having a child does not emancipate you.