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West Africa has been populated by modern humans (homo sapiens) for at least 50,000 years.

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How meny People live in Ghana?

In 2008 23,350,927 people lived in Ghana, With 11,670,793 people living in Poverty

Who lived in Ghana?

Peopl like ghanains or visitors lived in ghana.

Where did the Ashanti people live?

They lived largely in what is present day Ghana.

What kind of houses did the Ghana people live in?

They lived in Clay houses and high storage buildings.

How important was farming to the kingdom of Ghana?

the answer is that farming was very important to Ghana because they lived near the Niger River. the soil is rich and good for farming. also people grew food

How long do people live in Ghana?

The life span in Ghana is 64 years. The average life expectancy worldwide is 67 years.

How long has people lived on Afghanistan?


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How many houses are in Ghana?

There are over one thousand houses in Ghana. How do I know? I know because one of my family members have lived there, and he told me he had to do a report about Ghana.

Who are the Ghana people?

my father is from Ghana and Ghana is a country in western Africa.

What type of people live in Ghana?

what kinds of people live in ghana

What do most people do for work in Ghana?

most people in ghana do farming

Were the people of medieval Ghana religious?

The people of medieval Ghana were Islam.

Around when did England get doctors?

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What evidence do you have that people lived long ago?

there bones

What percentage of people can read in Ghana?

what percentage of people in Ghana can read and write

How many people in Ghana?

There are about 25 million people in Ghana. This number is growing.

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Accra, Ghana

Where do the majority of people live in Ghana?

Accra, Ghana

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Indians probably did for a long time...

How long have people lived in China?

Chinese lived in China for more than 1000000 years.

Who is the greatest African that ever lived?

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana

How many people in Ghana are there per doctor?

Its is about 25,000 people per doctor in Ghana. So there are about 953 doctors in the whole of Ghana!!

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