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How long have you been on this website?

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ive been a member for about a year now...

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How long has the website meez been out?

2006 or 2007

How long has the Poptropica website been around for?

8 years

How long has this website been up?

since computers were invented

How long have people been practicing biological engineering?

for as long as another real website says

How long has club penguin been a website?

I think about 4 years.

How long has the Fastmlmleads website been in business?

The Fastmlmleads website (a multi level marketing website) has been in business since approximately 1999. The site provides advertising for customers or clients in the multi level marketing industry.

How long has Credit Guard of America been in business?

Their website says they've been in business since 1991

How long has Friday night cranks been on?

their website says since Feb.2007 on the ABOUT page :)

How long has Cristiano Ronaldo been living in Madrid?

I don't know check another website

How long has mileyworld been online?

In my studies, "Mileyworld" has been in use since Miley has started her career. This website is for the fans.. Fans have been following the website since she became famous. But again, I ( a scientist) only studies my science. :)

How long has been in business?

Wiki has been in business since 6/18/2004 ( When the Website was Purchased) But others say 2002

How long have you been in business?

its a new website so bout the end of 2008 so in the end of December

How long has the website called Gamewinners been online for?

Gamewinners is a website offering cheat codes for games on many platforms, including online PC games, XBox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo DSi and more. According to its website, it has been in operation since 1995.

How long has Build-a-Bearville been around?

ever since maxine clark founded the website in 1997

How long as Leads Online been a website?

Leads Online is a large online Investigation system used by law enforcement to recover stolen goods, the website itself has been operational since the start of the century in the year 2000

What is a trusted website?

A trusted website is a website that has been linked to by another website that is trusted by another website, and so forth... A trusted website is one that has been linked to by many other "Trusted Sites"

What colors are red foxes?

They are red ,orange (oh yea this is 2009 just for the future how long it's been on the website).

How do you recover deleted websites from history?

If you search for the website using a search engine, then select the Cached version you may get lucky if the website hasn't been deleted too long ago.

Where is a website for free phone number lookup?

Your best option here would be It is free as you want and I have been using this website for a long time now and there layout is just great and I think you will like this website quite well.

How long has there been acid rain? That website has information on the history of acid rain.

How long has sky tv been around?

According to sky's corporate website, they initiated their first "Direct to home" service in 1989.

How do you get your own website like or

Anyone can create a website as long as the web address has not already been taken. The first thing you need to do is contact a company that hosts website addresses. Pay the fee and you own the name.

How long has recycle been a problem?

how long has recycle been a problem how long has recycle been a problem how long has recycle been a problem how long has recycle been a problem

What website can you put games on your website?

All websites you can put games on as long as you made the website.

Is there a website like zaplook?

there is a website like ,but not trust me iv'e been on that website

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