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The dingo fence is 5613 km in length although some of that is in disrepair. It is the longest fence in the world.

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The longest fence in the world?

Its the dingo fence in Australia

What is the name of the fence that stretches from top of Queensland to South Australia and is over 5000 km long?

The Dingo Fence

What man made barier is as long as the great wall of china?

The dingo fence in Australia

What are the human features of Australia?

Dingo fence

When was Dingo Fence created?

Dingo Fence was created in 1885.

What is the longest continuous fence in the world called?

The Dingo Fence

When was the dingo fence made?

The dingo fence was built during the 1880s and was finished in 1885. It stretches around 5,600 km.

Who made the dingo fence?

The dingo fence is the world's longest fence. The original fence was merely extra netting on top of rabbit-proof fences, to keep out the dingoes and other wild dogs from grazing lands and vulnerable sheep. The fence was built by contractors, under the authority of the various state governments. For more information on the dingo fence, see the link below.

What was the cost to build The Dingo Fence?


What climate does a dingo live in?

a dingo lives in australia

Where can the dingo be found?

The dingo is a dog native to Australia.

When was the dingo fence on fraser island built?


Why was the dingo introduced into Australia?

The dingo was introduced to Australia over 3000 years ago from Asia

Is dingo an adverb?

No, a noun. A dingo is a wild dog in Australia

What is the shape of a Dingo?

The Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) is dog-like, and found mainly in Australia.

What is the cost for the upkeep of Australia's Dingo Fence?


How long is Australia's longest fence and where is it?

The dingo fence is Australia's longest fence, and one of the longest fences in the world. It begins in Queensland, near Jimbour on the Darling Downs, and ends just west of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Total length is around 5,600 km or 3480 miles. At one stage, it actually extended for almost 8000 km.

What is the Australian dingo?

the Australian dingo is the only native dog to Australia.

What are facts about the dingo?

Dingoes have been known to kill children, including a 9 year old boy. This helped disperse some of the skeptical views towards Lindy Chamberlain's claim that a dingo had been seen taking her baby daughter out of their tent at Ayers Rock. The dingo fence stretches right across Queensland and South Australia in an attempt to keep the dogs out of the sheep grazing parts of Australia. It is the longest fence in the world, was begun in 1880 and is still maintained to this day.

Where does the dingo live?


Where is the dingo found?


Where do wolves live in Australia?

The dingo is a subspecies of the gray wolf. For a map showing its range in Australia, click on this link.

What is the history of the rabbit dog and dingo proof fence that was erected in the Pilliga scrub in the early 1900's?

It is not very long

What is the name of the fence that stretches from top of Queensland to South Australia?

This is the dingo fence, also known as the Wild Dog Barrier Fence. It extends about 5000km from northwestern Queensland, across the central Australian deserts, protecting the southern part of the continent from dingoes. It then meets up with the Border Fence in New South Wales.

Do wolves come from the outback of Australia?

No. There are no wolves in Australia. The only native canine found in Australia is the dingo, and even that did not originate here.

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