How long is the aqueduct?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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The Delaware Aqueduct is 85 miles or 137 km long.

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Q: How long is the aqueduct?
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How long is the Delaware Aqueduct?

The Delaware Aqueduct is 85 miles or 137 km long.

Is aqueduct an adverb?

No, "aqueduct" is not an adverb. It is a noun that refers to a structure used to transport water over a long distance.

How long were the great aqueducts to supply water in Constantines city?

The Valens aqueduct was the longest aqueduct of Constantinople. It was redeveloped several times and reached a length of 250 kilometres. iI was the longest aqueduct in antiquity.

How long were the Roman aqueducts?

The longest Roman aqueduct still standing is 90 km (57.5 mi) long, or 132 including its side channels. Other long ones include a 95 km aqueduct in Cologne (Germany) and a 91 km one in Rome.

How do you use aqueduct in a sentence?

Aqueduct is a noun, so you use it as any other noun. For example, "Help! The aquecuct sprung a leak!" or "The man rested in the shade of the aqueduct.".

What is the cerebral aqueduct also called?

The cerebral aqueduct is referred to as the aqueduct of Sylvius

What are 2 aqueducts in California besides the California aqueduct?

La aqueduct Orange city aqueduct

What rhymes with aqueduct?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word aqueduct.

What is the most famous aqueduct in Spain?

The aqueduct of Segovia.

Structure that carried water?

It called aqueduct

Which is the correct spelling aquaduct or aqueduct?

It was formerly spelled aquaduct but now it is aqueduct. So aqueduct is the correct spelling.

What is the Longest Roman aqueduct?

The longest Roman aqueduct was Constantinople.