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Raising Hamster BabiesDo not disturb the litter for at least 14 days. If the nest is disturbed the mother may kill the babies and eat them. If one of the babies gets away from the others, don't worry, the mother will retrieve it. The cage should be cleaned two weeks after birth and the babies should be separated from the mother at 28 days.

Also be sure to to separate the Mother and babies from the daddy hamster. The daddy hamster will harm the babies and the mom always needs to be with her babies.

{<3}Good luck, and congratulations on your little baby hamsters! ~GIRandDONUT{<3}

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How long do you have to wait until you can hold baby dwarf hamster?


How long should you keep a baby hamster with its mom?

three weeks

How long does a baby hamster stay as a baby hamster?

Until it is not a baby any more

If the mom hamster died how long should the baby hamsters be kept together?

About 6 weeks.

How long before you can give a baby dwarf hamster away?

You can give/sell a baby hamster when they are five weeks old.

How long does it take for a teddy bear hamster and a baby hamster to get along?

Adult hamsters don't usually get along, an adult hamster and a baby hamster would never get along, they would fight.

How long should you wait to take a new hamster out of its cage?

You should let the Hamster be with its mother ( if pup ) for at least 3 weeks. You can't touch a hamster until it starts to get a coat of fur. If you touch a baby hamster with no fur, the mother will smell your scent on the Hamster, and leave it in your Hands. For more Information, Visit:

When your hamster already had a baby how long well it take to get another baby hamster?

When your female hamster gives birth and you still have the male in the same cage, your female hamster may get pregnant in a matter of days. if not, hours.

How long is a baby robo hamster?

well, the robo hamster species can grow up to 4 inches

How long does it take a baby hamster to become an adult hamster?

It depends on its breed. usually a couple months.

How long does it take until the hamster has a baby?

about 3 weeks

How long will it take for a baby hamster to be born?

16 days

How long those it take for a hamster to have a baby?

18 years

How long does it take for a baby hamster to turn into a adult?

about 3 months

How long till a baby hamster has it fur?

Not sure..Ask someone

Is it okay if a long haired hamster drinks from a dwarf hamster bottle?

it is okay for any hamster to drink out of a hamster bottle as long as you clean the bottle.(you should clean it everyday)

Can your female 1 year old long haired hamster live with a winter white baby hamster?

I wouldn't suggest it. Normally hamsters fight if they are in the same cage as another hamster. You should put them in separate cages unless you want them to fight a lot. Hope this helps.Second Answer well you can but watch them very closely and if they start to fight take little one out!No I don't think so. My sister's hamster, when he was a baby he was in a cage with another hamster and the other hamster bit his ear and there is a little triangle where the bit of his ear used to be! Keep them in separate cages I should suggest. xxxThird AnswerIf your long haired one is a Syrian, NO!!! Syrians are solitary hamsters. they will fight to the death if the baby hamster is the weakest.

How long should you hold your robo dwarf hamster in his hamster ball?

You shouldn't leave them in the ball for to long as their feet will start to hurt them. ! :) I leave mine in for 5mins in the morning 15min at dinner and 5mins at night... My hamster has been alive for 3 and a half years but unfortunately died on 18 September 2009 :'( !

Is my hamster old enough to mate?

As long as it's not still a baby, probably. :)

How long does a baby hamster have to stay with its mother before it can be held?

2 weeks

How long till you can sell baby teddybear hamster?

Not until it can eat on its own.

How long till you can touch a dwarf baby hamster?

You can touch them when they are firstborn but their mom must be at a food break. (Not recommended for those with no experience) However, you may hold them when they are two weeks old.

How long can a baby hamster live without its mother?

not long, i'd estimate about 1 minute. :D.

Do you have any advice on how I can hold my hamster that I have not been able to hold after trying everything?

Well first how long do you have your hamster because if you have it only a couple of days it doesen't know you and don't want's to be holded.Or maybe you didn't treated your hamster very well.Think about that.

How long should I wait to hold my Syrian hamster after it's first day?

After the day you got it trust me I tried it on my hamsterand it nipped my fingers and ran for panic!