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It was King George III you're thinking of here. :) The Boston Port Act was enacted March 31, 1774, and was supposed to be enforced until Boston had paid restitution for the tea destroyed in the Boston Tea Party. As the main source of trade and commerce for Massachusetts, this Act did not go over well, as you can imagine. The Siege of Boston followed shortly afterward, and British General Thomas Gage occupied Boston, and the British used the Boston Port to bring in their own war supplies and troops. The following March, the Continental Army drove the British out of Boston, and March 17 is now celebrated as Evacuation Day.

So, to answer your question, just barely under a year.

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Q: How long was the Boston harbor closed by king Henry the third?
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Why were the british troops sent to Boston in 1768?

Boston send troops to Boston to protect the tax collectors and as well as some loyalists that are loyal to the crown, because at that time the colonists and the Parliament felt pretty abominable in that period for each other. Also, to keep the colonists in the British control.

What are the main parts of The Intolerable Acts?

The first comment was really retarded so i deleted it. (sorry) ok this is prob the real naswer you're looking for :The Intolerable Acts of 1774 were four acts enforced on the Colonists from King George the Third, to punish them for the Boston Tea Party.1774 Intolerable Acts-1. The British closed all of Boston's Ports until the colonist's payed for the tea they destroyed during the Boston Tea Party.2. British restricted colonist to have government/committees/town meetings.3. British allowed them selves to house troops where ever, when ever, in the colonist's homes.4. They let British officials accused of crimes stand trial in Britain, instead of the colonies, and to make Tomas Gage (loyalist) be a governor of the colonies.Read more: What_were_the_provisions_of_the_Intolerable_Acts

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What was the temperature during bunker hill?

According to the book The Boston Campaign, written by Victor Brooks, it was 95 degrees that afternoon. On the third and final charge many of the British shed their red coats.

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Why did British send Warships and troops to block the Boston Harbor in 1768?

Britain did send warships and troops to block the Boston Harbor in 1768 because King George the Third wanted the patronism to stop in Boston because there were murders breaking out such as the Boston Massacre.

Why did every patriot who thought king goarge as wrong help the sons of liberty from Sleds On Boston Common?

since King George the third shut down the Boston Harbor Boston was not getting any food or supplies that they needed so the patriots helped Boston.[:

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