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As long as Vince, Linda, and the creative team want him to. 2006 i think he'll keep his strap till wrestlemania

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โˆ™ 2005-12-19 07:13:39
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Q: How long will Batista keep his World Title?
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Will Batista keep his title?

not for long because the wwe would rather be stupid and have someone that the fans don't like be champion because there to lazy to make up new storylines.AnswerBatista will lose it to a hard worling superstar who paid his dues and worked his way to the top. unlike Batista. how stupid winning the world title after 3 years when it took benoit and Eddie 20. AnswerBatista will eventually lose his title. But it will be to someone who has definitely earned it. The thing right now is that even though he makes a great defender he still has alot to learn and the WWE has realized that. But because Batista goes so well over with the fans they have kept him champion. I believe Batista will lose his title to Orton in a near future feud that will probably begin before the end of the year. Mr. HounderzAnswerHe will lose his title at Survivor Series. Batista has only been in the WWE for 3 years, but he was in OVW for 3 years and he is 1 year OLD than Benoit (Batista is born in 1966 and Benoit in 1967) so they neede to push the animal before his career comes crashing down. AnswerSince batista's recent injury batista will lose it at the 2006 royal rumble. AnswerBatista had to give up the title because he needed surgery on his tricep which happened in a match with mark Henry and Angle and raw superstar won the battle royal for the title

When is Randy Orton going to win the World Title again?

WEll...Orton was supposed to win it from Batista at this Armegaddon..since batista has a major injury that required surgery or long rest..But batista has decided to play on with this out goes orton's plans and his duel with taker came to play again....Other than that as of now there are no plans to my knowledge...but the next champ is certainly going to be him because batista is 41 and would no be carrying the strap for much longer. Batista is 36 years old, soon to be 37 in January. Randy may be able to get the title again, if he stops his fued with Taker.

What is Dave Batista famous for?

Dave Batista was a famous wrestler in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) under the ring name Batista. Born David Michael Batista Jr, Batista was a six time world champion during his 13 year career with the WWE as well as being the long reigning heavyweight champion between 2005 to 2008.

How long is batista out for?

He isn't out

How long did Batista and Melina go out?

whats a point Melina never date batista he is gay outta his mind

How long has batista been in WWE?

for 11 years :)

Does Melina likes batista?

In 2006 after Dave Batista divorced his wife he had a relationship with Melina. I do not know how long it lasted but he does admit to it in his autobiography "Batista Unleashed". Back in the Melina / MnM days they did a very short storyline between Batista and Melina.

Who will be the one to take down Evolution in regards to wrestling?

Evolution will begin to fall at the Royal Rumble when Batista wins. He will win the World Heavy Weight title at Wrestlemania and that would lead to the fall of Evolution. Randy Orton, of couse, at the Royal Rumble when he wins the world title. There is a rumor that Batista will face Triple H at Wrestlemania. So they will self destruct. Goldberg after he returns. He will destroy Evolution and beat Triple H for the World Heavy Weight championship. Vince doesn't want Goldberg to come back. Goldberg doesn't want to lose. With Batista recently leaving Evolution, they're gonna crash and burn and hopefully Batista and Randy Orton will join up. With Batista and Orton gone, there is no Evolution. There is HHH and his manager Ric Flair. Oh, they may call themselves Evolution, but we all know the truth. Evolution is no more than a tag team now. Orton can't do crap because of his shoulder and not to mention his big mouth. As long as Flair and Triple H are friends, Evolution will always be there. Batista. If you think about it its already out of business, because Triple H has packed his bag and left. So that's the leader gone and Ric Flair is now friends with Batista. Sadly, it's the muscle head, pathetic Lesnar wannabe BATISTA. Batista,of course! YAY, I love Batista. But the only people who could stop Evolution WAS evolution. Triple H even said so himself. It's sad that no one else could beat them cause they're so pathetic.

How many belts did rey mysterio have?

well i know for a fact that he won a ecw champion long time ago, cruiserweight champ in WCW and now in WWE, he has won the Cruiserweight title, World heavy weight, and WWE tag team titles with edge and one time with batista.

When Batista will come back to raw?

He won't for for a long time if at all.

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The "i" in "title" is a long vowel.

How long was the great khali world heayweight champion?

The Great Khali won the World Heavyweight Championship in a 20-Man Over the top rope battle royal (caused by Edge's injury and vacation of the title). This match took place on the July 20th 2007 edition of Smackdown. He lost the title at Unforgiven 2007 (September 16 2007) to Batista in a triple threat match with Rey Mysterio. He was champion for 8 weeks and 2 days, which means he held the World Heavyweight Championship for 58 days.

Are Batista and Shawn Michaels still fueding in WWE?

No. their feud was two months long Shawn Michaels defeated Batista at Backlash, then Batista defeated Shawn Michaels one month later As a result this ended the feud. The Batista started a feud with Edge and Shawn Michaels started a feud with Chris Jericho

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Who won at TLC undertaker or batista?

undertaker with a tombstone. Batista won with a low blow but teddy long restarted the match cause of the illegal low blow therefore Undertaker won.

How long did christian hold the WWE world title for?

First reign was 2 days. The 2nd was a month.

About rey mysterio?

rey mysterio is a spanish wrestler for the wwe. when he has tough competition he still wrestles his hardesy. well i know for a fact that he won a ecw champion long time ago, cruiserweight champ in WCW and now in WWE, he has won the Cruiserweight title, World heavy weight, and WWE tag team titles with edge and one time with batista

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