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Depends on the climate. This is not an environmentally-friendly way to kill weeds.

Salt buildup will prevent a large number of plants from being able to live in that soil. It can take a long time for the salts in the soil to disperse, especially in climates without much rainfall and on flat areas.

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How do ladybugs keep safe?

by hiding in weeds leaves or grass.

How do you keep weeds and grass from growing in your gravel driveway?

I use weed killer.

How do you figure time to cut grass by with of cut and seed of mower?

Cutting the grass gives you a beautiful lawn. It also tends to choke out weeds. Depending on the type of grass, you want to keep it between two heights to keep weeds under control. If you live in the South West and have a Bermuda Lawn, you want to keep the grass between 2 1/2 and 3 inches tall. You keep other grasses at different heights.

Do weeds affect grass?

NO! just avoid smoking around your grass. Keep them distanced, don't want your plants coming up with any funny ideas ;)

Why is it important to keep weeds and grass away from your trees but ok to plant annuals around them?

Weeds aren't pretty, flowers are. Weeds grow every which way. You buy flowers to grow the way you want them to...tall, wide, etc.

What can you put on asparagus to keep the weeds out?

is it good to put rock salt around your asparagus to keep the weeds down

What is a good herbal or all natural tick repellent for cats?

1. Keep grass cut short. Ticks love tall grass and weeds. Keep weeds out. Keep Cats and dogs away from weeds and woods. 2. Place glue traps inside house. You can make your own glue trap with cardboard and then use petro jelly for the sticky glue. You can place these in window seals and outside as well. 3. Most ticks came from mice. Reduce the mice population around your house and the tick population will naturally be reduced.

How do you remove grass from your garden beds and stop it from coming back?

If you have plants growing you can pull out the grass then put some sort of barrier between the dirt and the air. There is something I heard about that will let water get in for the plants. Then you need to put some compost over it to keep the sun out for the weeds and grass.

Are weeds a decomposer or a producer?

yes weeds are decomposers. so its a good thing to keep in your yard.

What is your favorite lawn care tip?

When you deal with lawns and care for your yard, keep informed that you should always feed the grass food nutrients so you don't get buildup of unnecessary weeds.

How do you get rid of grass on Harvest Moon DS?

If you're talking about WEEDS (the green ones that always show up except in Winter): You either pick it up and throw it... or you pick it up and keep it in your sack. If you collect 99 weeds, you can throw it in the bin and get 99 G after it's been shipped. Weeds are 1 G each. If you're talking about GRASS... which is also EDIBLE, just eat them - remember to read its description first though. Otherwise, sell them.

Can you plant grass seed in August in NH?

You can, but keep it watered. Early autumn is generally thought to be the best time to plant grass in the Northeastern US. Fall is definitely a better option for you if your lawn has high sun exposure. If you plant grass seed now, there will be less competition from the weeds and crab grass that are abundant in the spring. Also many weed killers can prevent grass seed from germinating.

What clothing do people wear in caves?

Well they use whatever they can find such as, grass or weeds woven together or animal hydes in the winter to keep warm. It all just depends on where the cave is at and what environment it is in.

How do you kill grass around established plants without killing the plants?

Use a contact weedkiller and protect the plants you wish to keep during application.

How do you kill weeds?

There are a number of ways to kills weeds. The best method and hardest to do, is to pull the weeds from the ground keeping the roots intact. This prevents the plants from continuing to grow and from spreading more seeds. Another method is to use chemical weed killer you can buy at most hardware stores. They come in power or liquid form, some of which is safe to use with grass, others will kill all plants. To prevent weeds from reoccuring make sure to remove all the weeds and then place down some mulch to prevent the seeds from reaching the soil, but mainly to keep the moisture in and protect the plants you intend to keep.

What does the metaphor - you should keep off the grass mean?

you should keep off the grass

Can you kill Dichondra without killing grass?

You can try killing Dichondra by simply pulling out the weeds. Another option is a homemade weed killer. Vinegar is a great and inexpensive way to keep your lawn weed free.

How do you weed a myrtle ground cover?

From personal experience with a 300 sf area: Before planting, spray the area with grass and weed killer, hopefully one that is environmentally friendly. Then plant the myrtle and mulch between the plants. The few weeds that subsequently come through are picked by hand , when the weeds are young before they become established. Keep at it until the myrtle fills in, after which there should be even fewer weeds coming through, which can be picked by hand.

What lawn care can you recommend that won't hurt my pets?

Frequent mowing is one way to keep the weeds under control. To remove the weeds, corn gluten can be applied to the lawn. It will not harm pets or people but will prevent the emergence of weeds.

How do cheetahs blend in with the grass?

The answer is: They don't! They generally just keep low and hopefully there is some tall grass! If there is the yellowy dried out grass, it is easier for them to blend in. If it is not a similar colour to the grass, they will just try to keep as low as possible so they can be hidden by the taller grass.

What will keep grass from growing?


How to get rid of weeds?

Lawn care can be an involved process, whether the property extends miles or even a couple of feet. On top of the standard mowing and planting, sometimes weeds may become a problem for the caregiver. How can somebody hope to get rid of weeds? 1. Believe it or not, when a lawn is mowed it helps get rid of weeds at the same time. People tend to cut the grass to keep it looking fresh and clean, while avoiding high levels of growth on their lawn. When this is done, it can also push back the chances that weeds will have time to develop and thus manifest themselves, causing a nuisance. Remember, however, that in order for this to work, the grass must be cut frequently. In addition, grass clippings that have been strewn about from the chore should immediately be moved and bagged, so that seeds from the weeds cannot spread. If neglected, this could defeat the purpose entirely. 2. In addition to mowing, the caregiver should also consider removing the weeds by hand. It may seem simple, but the fact is, it works and continues to be practiced. This works best for a small weed problem, such as in small gardens, as it would otherwise take a long time to accomplish. When pulling the weeds out, keep in mind that it is important that the roots of the weeds be pulled with them. If not, only part of the problem will be gone; the weeds will simply grow again at a later time. Getting rid of weeds is just one on a list of things people must work on to keep their lawns and gardens healthy and attractive. Depending on how bad the infestation is, it could take some time to get rid of them properly; however, the end result is certainly worth the effort. Nobody should give up, no matter how frustrated they may get; should it come to that, they can seek assistance. By asking friends and family members for help, it certainly does not have to be done alone.

Are some weeds good for your garden?

Yes, it helps keep the bugs from reining your garden

Exclamation that starts with K?

Kill! Keep out! Keep off the grass!

How does a cheetah keep warm?

they keep warm by sleeping in long grass.

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