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How long will a vintage 1994 bottled in 1997 Broadbent port last once opened How long will any vintage port last once opened and why Which style of port will last longest once opened?


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April 23, 2008 6:07AM

In general, tawny port will last longer once open than ruby port. The tawny port is aged in wood casks for many years which allows a slow oxidation of the wine will aging which in turn provides the wine with a greater strength and structure for aging. Unlike tawny, ruby port is aged for only a short amount of time in oak, thus not giving it the lighter "tawny" color from the oxidation process achieved by extensive time in barrels. The 1994 vintage is a strong vintage in Porto and that particular vintage port can last for decades in the bottle, unopened. Generally, after opening, if abiding by Portuguese custom, the entire bottle of ruby port should be consumed in one night, however if this is not possible, the bottle will likely last for a few more days at near excellent drinking stages, and will then continue to deteriorate thereafter.