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Dear Pill User, I was on the pill for over three years, I was told by my doctor that it would take 3 - 6 months for my periods to regulate themselves after I stopped ising the pill. Everthing was regular for me after the 2nd month. Everyones body is different so give it a chance.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-27 09:19:36
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Q: How long will it take for your period to come back after getting off the pill if your period is abnormal?
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Are you getting back pain due to period no period have not come yet?

during period i am having severe pain in lower abdomen and back

If a pap smear is done soon after your period will your pap smear show up as being abnormal?

More commonly if you schedule your PAP just before your period can cause it to come back abnormal. But if your follow up is normal, don't worry. Many women have a couple abnormal over the years with no other problems.

If you have cancer will your blood tests come back abnormal?

Yes, if you have certain types of cancer your blood tests will come back abnormal. This is usually the first step to finding out you have cancer.

How long will it take for your period to come back if your period is abnormal and you just got off the pill?

depending on which pill, anywhere from one month to 6 months, and it won't become regular for several months after it returns.

You miss a period in the month of June and still waiting for your period to come you are experience back pain and cramps Could you be pregnant after a tubal?

As you are waiting for your period to come, and cramps and back pain are signs of pregnancy.

How can you make your period come more often?

You cannot make your period come more often. If it did that would be abnormal and you would probably want to seek medical attention. I would think one week out of the month should be enough.

You are getting all the signs of being pregnant taken 3 tests but still coming back negative?

Sometimes your body will take awhile for a pregnancy test to come back positive. If you continue to not have a period, you should still check for pregnancy. A pregnancy test is most likely to show positive after your normal period time has come and gone.

Will your drug test come back positive if you take omnadrol?

Your 6 panel drug test will NOT come back positive if you are using Omnadrol. Omnadrol will increase your hormone levels for a short period hence giving you muscle mass. If you are getting tested for "drugs", you are ok.

Do you get better positive results after at least 4 weeks late on your period?

Well your periods don't always come the exact time.. sometimes when your stress your period would stop then the next month it would come back again. Getting your periods late for 4 weeks don't really matter actually, if your period don't come then that's a problem.

Can you make a women have a period?

Supposedly green tea can make your period come but I am not sure. I will try it and get back to you.

Why does your period come twice a month?

A normal period should only occur once a month. This could be due to a number of reasons such as a missed miscarriage, cancer, STDs, or even just an abnormal cycle.

Any idea of when The Undertaker will come back?

Any idea when The Undertaker will come back? Without him on the show I'm getting bored.

Will your period come back on if you don't put your nuva ring in?

yes it will.

How long after lupron does your period come back?

About 4 to 6 weeks.

Why am I not getting my period?

It really depends on your age if your an early bird period comer (like me) then it may not come back for another year or so. If you just got it and your at a late age than it's just your hormones it'll come back, If your around 12-13 you should see a doctor just in case it's not safe anymore.

Why did family guy come back after getting cancelled?

It came back after DVD sales were huge

Why do you have a period then it does not come back till after a month or so?

The menstrual cycle is usually every 28 days for most women but if you've just started getting them it may be more or less.

What is the period of a pendulum that takes 3 seconds to move forward and another 3 seconds to come back'?

The period is the time for a full cycle, i.e., back and forth.

Can abnormal cells come back after you have the treatment for them?

Yes, there is a possibility that it will grow again and metastasize that is why you need to regular check up even you are in remission .

What would cause your period to come back after being gone for several years you are 50 years old?

it can't come back once it's gone

How many days after your period end will it come back?

We don't know how long your period lasted. If you have a period every 28 days, your next period will start two days earlier than the one you just had. If you had a period on the 12th, your next one will come on the 10th.

When do you get your period after a miscarriage?

It should come back to normal within 2 months.

You had a miscarriage a month ago and still no period how come?

It should come back within 2 months from the miscarriage.

Why are you getting your period after 21 days when typically it comes every 28?

Sometimes people have irregular period which can come either early or late.

Why does ma period only last 3 days?

It should come back soon. If it dose not come back then u should go to the doctors and find out what is wrong.

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