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Negative entries on Chex System remain for 5 years from the time of reporting.

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Q: How long will the bank report a non-sufficient funds to the Chex system?
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How do you see if you are on the chex system?

You have the right to order a FREE report every year if needed. Go to to order

How do you find out if you are in the Chex Systems database?

You are entitled to a FREE annual report from chexsystems. To order your report, go to

Is chex system a credit reporting agency?

Yes it is under the FCRA

Does Canada has a chex system?

Yes, Chex Systems is in Canada. It is owned and operated by Fidelity National Information Services. They provide information about deposit accounts.

What type of services does Check Systems offer?

Chex Systems is a credit reporting agency. Unlike Trans Union and Experian, who report on consumer credit, Chex Systems reports on mishandling of bank accounts.

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How long will your name stay on the Chex System if you live in Kansas?

5 years

Are there any non Chex system banks in Colorado Springs?


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Can the Chex System close your existing checking and savings accounts from another institution?

Chex System is only a reporting agency. They do not have the ability to close an account. If an account is closed it is up to the discretion of the financial institution who issued the account to you.

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