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How long will the sharp pains last in your hip after taking progesterone shots?


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2006-02-23 03:57:50
2006-02-23 03:57:50

MY doctor claims 2-3 days I am about to start progesterone shots to prevent anothre pretrm labor. i guess I'll find out soon


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From what both my doctors have told me the placenta is producing its own progesterone by week 12. I just stopped taking crinone and Im nervous Im 12 weeks 4 days pregnant. From what both my doctors have told me the placenta is producing its own progesterone by week 12. I just stopped taking crinone and Im nervous Im 12 weeks 4 days pregnant.

The only pregnant women who routinely have shots are Rhesus negative women having Anti-D. Women who have had several miscarriages may have progesterone shots.

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