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MY doctor claims 2-3 days I am about to start progesterone shots to prevent anothre pretrm labor. i guess I'll find out soon

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โˆ™ 2006-02-23 03:57:50
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Q: How long will the sharp pains last in your hip after taking progesterone shots?
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Once you are off progesterone shots at 12 weeks pregnant does the placenta always produce progesterone or is it possible that the placenta won't produce progesterone?

From what both my doctors have told me the placenta is producing its own progesterone by week 12. I just stopped taking crinone and Im nervous Im 12 weeks 4 days pregnant. From what both my doctors have told me the placenta is producing its own progesterone by week 12. I just stopped taking crinone and Im nervous Im 12 weeks 4 days pregnant.

What are shots given to pregnant women called?

The only pregnant women who routinely have shots are Rhesus negative women having Anti-D. Women who have had several miscarriages may have progesterone shots.

Is it bad that at 5 weeks pregnant your HCG level is 650 and your Progesterone level is 6?

Your progesterone needs to be over 20. I would ask IMMEDIATELY for progesterone cream, shots, or oral. If you are in the early stages of five weeks your hcg beta is perfect.

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You have been ttc and nothing your dr has been giving you progesterone shots to induce period and with this last nothing has happened except sore boobs cramping and now you have brown discharge you to?

Hi, See your doctor for a pregnancy blood test but this may be the result of the progesterone shot.

Will you get your period if you are on progesterone shots?

Around 50% of women no longer have any bleeding whilst using the depo provera injection. It very much depends upon the woman.

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