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a very long time.

average speed of the space shuttle orbiting the earth is around 17,000 miles per hour.
the distance from earth to Mercury is about 43,000,000 miles.
so traveling at 17,000 mph it would take about 2,529 hours or about 105 days to get to mercury.

I might be wrong.

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Q: How long would it take a space shuttle to go from earth to mercury?
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How many manned Mercury Space Shuttle missions were there?

None. We have not had a manned mission to Mercury yet. The space shuttle would be unable to make that type of trip.

How long would it take for a space shuttle to reach space?

It could not, the shuttle cannot leave low earth orbit

How long would it take for a space shuttle to reach mercury?

A long time. Mercury is 48 million miles from earth, when the 2 planets are at there closest to each other. The shuttle travels about 2000 miles per hour. There fore the trip would take 24,000 hours or 1000 days that is 2.7 yrs.

Would a guitar work in a space shuttle that is in space?

I have known that it will not work in space while you are in the space shuttle. But it is a good thing that it works on earth but the bad thing is that it doesn't work in space. Answered by:SAV

Why was Skylab abandoned?

It wasn't intentionally abandoned. It was originally thought that the Space Shuttle would be operational before Skylab fell to earth. The Space Shuttle would then raise Skylab into a higher orbit to be used by multiple Space Shuttle crews, but an overabundance of solar flares caused Skylab to fall to earth 2 years before it normally would have. Delays in the development of the Space Shuttle spelled the demise of Skylab.

Why is it necessary for the space shuttle to have a heat shield?

The friction created by the atmosphere of the Earth and the belly of the shuttle would create so much plasma that the metal would melt off and the shuttle would explode.

Which space ship would you go on to get to space?

Any! but i would seggest a space shuttle Any! but i would seggest a space shuttle

Why is the space shuttle's nose round and not pointed?

The Space Shuttle's nose is round because if it were pointed, the nose, and then the rest of the craft, would burn up from reentry into the earth's atmosphere.

How would an astronaut aboard a space shuttle go about dropping an object down to earth?

you cant moron there's no gravity in space there for you can not drop something down to earth from space.

How long would it take for a space shuttle to travel to Saturn?

long time compare to earth

What space shuttle will you use to get to Saturn?

The space shuttle is not capable of leaving low earth orbit, a rocket like what the Apollo missions used (although much bigger) would be required.

Why does the space shuttle need tiles?

The tiles on the space shuttle form a heat shield. The shuttle enters the Earth's atmosphere at high speed, which creates very high temperatures that would burn up the vehicle if it was not protected.