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When people were still nomads they were generally gatherers but when people settled down and built permanent homes, it became impractical to still be gathering and it was most likely more convenient for them to grow their own foods. As population grew the more necessary it was to have farms, and the more farms there were to support the ever growing amount of people in an area.

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Early man a food gatherer to a food producer?

teri ma ki

What changes came in a man's life when he became a food producer from a food gatherer?

Once a man became a food producer, he could settle down in one place instead of moving place to place in search of food. This meant that man's life expectancy became higher, and he could improve the comfort level of his life.

How warly man became a food hunter from a food producer?

man was never a food producer. plants are the primary producers of our ecosystem

Why do we call early man a food gatherer?

He collected food rather than grew it.

Note on early man - food gatherer to food producer?

earlier man was gratherer,as he was not aware of growing crops.later he learnt that he could grow food for himself instead of searching it around.moreover he felt that it is easy to live at one place3 rather than woundering here and there

What is difference in the life style of early man and modern man?

The early man lifestyle was a hunter-gatherer society in which people traveled around in search of wild food for survival. The agricultural lifestyle of modern man (in which man grows his own crops and raises his own animals) eventually displaced the hunter-gatherer societies.

Why was the early man called food gatherer?

they were not they were called hunter gatherers wich ment they hunted meat and gathered berries

What is the function of a producer in a food chain?

to provide food for all other animals including man

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nicholas appert a candy maker who became the father of canning his technique of preserving food is appertizing

Is Drew Vinton a film producer a man or a woman?

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Nani man up up and away

What did early groups do when food became scarce in one place?

It depends largely on how quickly food became scarce and environmental conditions, but by and large primitive man ate each other or moved. Keeping in mind of course that modern man, essentially us, is not that removed from our primitive cousins.

Did cave men have a religion?

No. Religion is the result of a higher ordered society that has the time to think beyond the daily needs. Early man was a hunter/gatherer who had to worry about living from day to day and how to get enough food. It was a survival type of living.

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How did the stone age men acquire food?

Stone age man was a forager often called a hunter, gatherer but gathering was more important than hunting. They roamed around collecting/eating wild plants, nuts, berries and such and sometimes killing game.

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What effect did the ability to produce food have on early man?

Food production allows much higher population growth because humans no longer have to rely on the food that they can scavenge or hunt. Provided that harvests do not fail (and they often do), food production allows a much more stable source of food than the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, where individuals will often have to go without food for long periods. It also requires smaller numbers of people to produce the food, meaning that other members of the community can be devoted to different tasks.

How can food be harmful to man?

Food can be harmful to man if you are allergic to the food, if the food is raw (raw bacon, etc.), or if the food has poison in it.