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How many 2005 dodge daytona trucks were made?


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There were just over 10,000 Dodge Ram Daytona made. They were available in Bright Silver Metallic and Go ManGo Orange in both Single and Quad Cab with 4x2 and 4x4 versions.

Proof that more than 10,000 were produced is I own #10731, which was born on July 28, 2005. This appears to be the last days of the 2005 production line and may in-fact be one of the last if not the last Daytona produced.

Dodge no longer sets production limits for two reasons, first; if it sells, sell it and second; Dodge has had issues with Rumble Bee owners after producing a larger swarm than had been advertised and than a second swarm the next year. Since that incident, Dodge has refused to release the number of "Limited" quantities to be produced or even acknowledge said quantities post production.