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Allies - China, USA, UK, Australia, Philippines, Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada, France, USSR:

  • 4,440,000 military casualties
  • 24 million civilian casualties

Axis - Japan:

  • 2,133,915 military casualties
  • 580,000 civilian casualties
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Q: How many Allies and Japanese soldiers were killed in the Pacific in World War 2?
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How many Japanese soldiers were killed at Iwo Jima?

about 20,000 Japanese soldiers were killed in the battle of iwo jima.

What is some information about the Kokoda trail?

The Kokoda Trail Campagin was a WWII pacific battle between the Japanese and Allied forces (made primarily up of Australian troops) on the island of Papua New Guinea. This trail is one of the most rugged and harsh environments in the southern hemisphere. There were 625 allied soldiers killed and over 6,500 Japanese killed. There were also over 4,000 allied soldiers that fell ill. The allies ended up pushing back the Japanese forces.

How many Japanese soldiers were killed by Chinese soldiers in World War 2?


How many Japanese soldiers were killed in world war 2?


How many Japanese soldiers died fighting in china during World War 2?

Approximately 2,120,000 Japanese soldiers were killed in the Second World War.

How many soldiers were killed during D-Day?

about 19,000 were killed in all the allies lost about 10,000 and the Germans lost about 9,000

What is the number of Japanese soldiers killed when the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan compared to the number of civilians killed?

The percent of soldiers on those cities were aproximate 40%.

How many Japanese soldiers killed during World War 2?

2.12 Million Japanese Military were reported to be killed during World War 2.

How many Japanese troops died in World War 2?

About 2.12 Million Japanese Soldiers were killed in WW2.

How many casualties were there in the Battle of Bataan?

The Allies lost about 95,000 killed, wounded or captured. The Japanese lost about 19,000 killed or wounded.

How many people were killed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Approximately 3,500 soldiers and civilians were killed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

How many Japan soldiers died in World War 2?

2.12 Million Japanese Soldiers were killed during WW2.

Why did more Americans die in World War 2 than the other allies?

Of the Allies in WW II Russia had the largest number of soldiers and civilians killed.

Where did John basilone die?

In the pacific, on the island of Iwo Jima ,he was killed by Japanese mortar shrapnel .

How many American soldiers killed by Japanese during World War 2?

7 million

How many allies were killed in the battle of the bulge?

In total, 19,200 allied soldiers were killed during the Battle of the Bulge. 19,000 were US deaths and 200 were British deaths.

How many Japanese soldiers died in hiroshima in World War 2?

20,000 of 80,000 killed in blast

What was the reason using the atomic bomb?

The over-riding concern for the United States was to minimize American lives. After the conquering of Okinawa, that killed and wounded over 40,000 marines and soldiers, it was felt that the Japanese would inflict as many casualties as possible when invading the Japanese mainland. American and British military leaders were afraid that over 1,000,000 allies would be killed defeating the Japanese. That was totally unacceptable. The vast majority of the American people and military, had little sympathy for the Japanese people after Pearl Harbor.

How many solders died in the battle of the coral sea?

No soldiers were killed, it was a sea battleThe Americans lost 656 sailors killedThe Japanese lost 966 sailors killed

How many soldiers were killed at Iwo Jima?

Allied Forces had 6,822 killed in action or missing in action. This also includes the Marines who fought first before the Army Soldiers arrived. There were 9,217 Allied Forces wounded. The Japanese had 17,845-18,375 killed and missing in action. They had 216 captured by the Allied Forces. Some of these Japanese Soldiers were injured and treated by the Allied Forces while in captivity.

How many Indian soldiers died in world war 2?

Though, there's a varying estimate of Indian soldiers killed during World War 2, but official estimate is 36000 soldiers, mostly killed in Europe, Northern Africa against German Forces and in Burma against Japanese Army.

Who killed Jose Rizal?

Literally Rizal was killed by Filipino soldiers! Lower rank soldiers who were the Filipino soldiers killed him because if they won't, higher ranking Spanish soldiers who were at their back will shoot them instead.

How did the atomic bomb save American lives?

It shortend the war by forcing the Japanese to surrender under U.S. terms. The Japanese people were not going to give up, they fought to the very end, but had it not been for the devastation of the atomic attacks we might still be fighting.Also if president Truman allowed the war to go on as it was, the allies would invade Japan and more soldiers would be killed.

How many more troops did the major allied powers lose than the major central powers?

The Allies suffered 6,657,950 more casualties than the Central Powers in World War I. Including killed, wounded, and missing. The Allies lost 22,062,427 soldiers while the Central Powers lost 15,404,477 soldiers.

How many German soldiers were killed by Polish soldiers in World War 2?

16,000 German soldiers were killed in the invasion of Poland.