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All of the US presidents have been men. There have been no female presidents.

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Q: How many American presidents have been men?
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How many presidents have you had in office?

There have been 44 men who have occupied the office of President of the United States since it was established in 1789.

What 7 men got to be commander in chief?

There have been 43 Presidents.

How many us presidents singed the Declaration of Indeped?

A lot of congress men singed it and presidents

Why has there never been a female president?

In some countries, men are the only people allowed to take office. In others, men are the only people who can gather enough support. However, there have been plenty of female presidents. See the related link for a list of female leaders, including many presidents.

Who were the two presidents that were indentured servants as young boys?

Millard Fillmore and Andrew Johnson.

How many people have been in a McDonald's All-American men's game?


How many American astronauts have visted the moon?

12 men in total have been on the moon.

Have all leaders of US been men?

If by leaders, you mean presidents, then yes. There has never been a female US President.

How many presidents have held office in the US since the American Revolution?

43 different men have been president of the United States. The current president, Barack Obama, is usually called the 44th president because there been 44 administrations. Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms and so is considered to have had two administrations.

Why are men mostly presidents?

Being that the President is the Commander in Chief of the United States Military and the fact that Generals and Military personal are predominantly male, women have not been seen as fitting this position.

Is Barack Obama related to the Masons?

Many men throughout history have joined a Masonic lodge, and there have been 16 presidents who were members. However, there is no evidence that Mr. Obama has ever joined the Masons.

How many World Cups have the American men won?

As of 2007, the American men have not won a World Cup.